Why Disney Travel Professionals Are Glad They Made the Career Switch

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Making a career change is never easy, but if you've ever thought about starting a new career as a travel planner, especially for Disney, stop scrolling and keep reading. Disney isn't just for children anymore. Families and fun-loving adults alike enjoy the magic of Disney. And for travel professionals, making the switch to Disney planning means that you get to be part of the magic also. For Disney aficionados, you can earn a living by helping others experience this magic. Here's why many travel professionals for Disney are thankful they made the switch.


You Get Immersed in a Magical World as a Disney Travel Professional

When you are changing careers, it can feel overwhelming and scary. But for those who made the switch to booking Disney trips, they get immersed in a magical world. They get to help guide people in creating an enchanting time for their families and loved ones.

Whether it's helping them figure out the best parks to visit for the ages of their group, or picking a fun-filled Disney cruise, the magical world of Disney can leave you feeling excited for the experiences that others will have as they step foot into the parks. As a Disney travel professional, you get to share your love of Disney with others and you'll be immersed in this world almost as much as the guests are.


Help Build Dream Vacations

Disney trips are a dream vacation for many. Some people spend years saving so that they can have a trip of a lifetime. A Disney travel professional gets to be the guide that helps make this dream a reality. They create customized trips that include seeing favorite characters to the behind the scenes tips that can help people get the most out of their time in a Disney park. They can even fine tune and collaborate to create a detailed itinerary. Their expertise helps to build the vacations that some people have dreamed of since childhood. It's one of the reasons that people are glad they made the switch to being a Disney travel planner.


Professional Development and Training

The great thing about being a Disney travel professional is that they get exclusive access to professional development and training. These tools help them successfully work with clients to put together trips that are amazing. The knowledge that these travel planners gain is one-of-a-kind. To first glance at new attractions and the best times to experience them to know how to maximize your time in the park. These training classes equip planners with the expertise they need to offer the best advice.

Plus, it keeps agents involved in the things happening in Disney, improves their knowledge, and gives them more resources to offer to clients.



For those who make the career leap to becoming a Disney travel professional, days are filled with creating magical and one-of-a-kind experience for travelers. They gain professional expertise, enjoy amazing perks, and even get to share the magic with their clients. From planning detailed itineraries to helping guests decide on the best parks, to going to seminars to improve their knowledge, Disney travel professionals are glad they made the switch. 

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