Why do players throw games in Valorant?

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If you are looking for reasons why players throw games in Valorant, here your search ends. In this article, you will not only find the reasons but also several solutions to handle such players.

Several pro players of Valorant such as TenZ, Tarik, Kyedea, and many others have been reporting such acts for quite some time now. If you are a seasoned Val player then you must also have experienced it. But, if you are a beginner, you just want to know everything from the very basics. So, let’s start from there.

What is throwing in Val?

Throwing in Valorant means a player or some players in your team intentionally stop making an effort to beat the opponent team, or worse, they start helping the other team beat you. Whatever the reasons may be; for an avid Valorant player, it is a nightmare. Because he will have to pay the price for others' betrayal.

What happens to me when someone throws a game in Valorant?

Since Valorant is a team-based game, your Elo is determined by your team's performance. So, when anyone, even one player, throws a game in Valorant your chances of winning are reduced. And, if you lose, your Elo goes down. And, when Elo goes down, your rank lowers. In a nutshell, when someone throws a game in Valorant, your hard-earned rank is at risk… MASSIVE RISK.

Secondly, it makes you frustrated and robs you of the motivation to play the game.

Thirdly, it kills the purpose of playing the game. So, when a team member throws a game, you no longer enjoy the gaming experience rather you hate it. You see… Negative energy. 

The game throw doesn’t matter to players who are adept at using Valorant boosting services because eventually, you’ll get strong similar to other players in the game. 

All Reasons why players throw games in Valorant

As your Valorant rank is at risk for someone throwing games, you need to know the reasons why they do this. Because without understanding the reasons you won’t be able to do anything to minimise such occurrences. So, below are all the reasons behind this criminal behaviour.

1. To have fun

The first reason is hard to digest, but yes some players throw games for having fun - nothing else. They enjoy it when others are in chaos and distress. This is their way of having fun, so they throw games.

2. To bring others to their levels

Again a hard one to believe. But, many players who do not have the skills to play well try to ruin others' gaming experiences. They might be the ones who rely on boosting only and do not try to develop skills. They know they will be deranked soon. So, they throw games to lower the rank of others.

3. To keep their account smurfed

Another reason is smurfing. Smurfing is a practice where a skilled or experienced player creates a new account with a lower skill level or rank than their main account. The purpose of smurfing is often to help their less experienced buddies improve their rank or to play with them. Or, to make the content of a low-ranked Valorant match. So, they intentionally lose the game to remain in lower lobbies.

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4. To get revenge

Players also throw matches to get revenge either from you or from any of your team members. Sounds absurd? Trust me gaming rivalries are real and harsh. So, some players intentionally sabotage matches to settle their scores. Although unhealthy and goes against the gaming spirit, it is pretty common. 

5. To make money through crypto-throwing

Some players throw Valorant matches to make money through crypto-throwing. Betting sites bet on streamer games and snipe them to intentionally throw the games to make money. These players are paid in cryptocurrency.

6. To get easy matches ahead

People throw games to get to the bottom. their next matches they get easier games. It’s how valorant matchmaking works. If u contribute less for a win in the next match the algorithm will try to create a fair 50/50 chance game where your skill level is considered lower since you throw hence an easier game.

7. Too frustrated to play

Players also throw games due to frustration. Valorant requires a clear and focused mindset. However, many players dive into ranked matches without considering their mental state. Whether it's due to inadequate sleep or experiencing burnout, these players become frustrated, leading to a lack of effort in trying to win the game.

8. Too bored to play

Similarly, players get bored while playing Valorant, so they decide to throw it. When matches start feeling the same over and over or there aren't new challenges, it gets kind of dull. To shake things up and add some fun, some players intentionally lose games.

9. Leave in a rush

Sometimes, players may have to leave a game abruptly due to real-life commitments emergencies, or disturbances. This can result in an incomplete match and potentially impact the team's performance.

What to do if someone throws a game in Valorant?

Now that you're aware of the factors contributing to intentional game-throwing, try to dig out the reason that your teammate has. Calmly communicate. And, encourage them to give their best. If someone is lacking skill, offer in-game support. Also, use communities to realise the importance of playing only when they have time and they feel like playing.

Plus, if such behaviour persists you can always report that player.

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