Why Do Women Come Down In Favor Of BJJ Over Other Martial Arts?

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There are a myriad number of martial arts available which makes it difficult to choose what the most effective art is for self-defence and to improve one's physical fitness. One amazing and one of the most popular options is the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (commonly known as BJJ). The sport is an innovation from Judo, a Japanese style of martial arts, which was first introduced in Brazil. Currently, it is the fastest-growing combat sport in the world. This martial art has got fame because it participated in Mixed Martial Arts and promoting practical self-defence for any individual to learn.

BJJ was founded on the concept to make a smaller, weaker person able to successfully defend himself against a bigger, stronger, heavier opponent by using technique and leverage. This is why the sport is widely practiced by females and young males. With skills and techniques learned from BJJ, women can easily defend themselves against strong offenders. Without further ado, here is why there is a growth in women practicing BJJ, specifically in the younger age brackets, that enrol and learn the sport.

Equips you to protect yourself:

Most females choose this fighting sport because they want to protect themselves. And there is no other martial art designed to protect you against a superior opponent except BJJ. Contrary to what many people leave the idea of learning martial arts because they are weak or less athletic, this combat sport doesn't require someone to have these abilities. BJJ can be used by any individual regardless of strength, flexibility, weight, and height. You are never too old or feeble to practice BJJ. This is why women practice art and with time become excellent at it.

Women, in general, are considered slow, weak, and less explosive which are the requirements of other martial arts but to learn BJJ you don't need these strengths. Through superior leverage, body positioning, and fluid movements, you can use BJJ to control and even defeat a physically stronger attacker.

Instills confidence:

Training in BJJ gives women physical abilities that are vital in their lives. Moreover, this intense workout helps them deal with physical and mental challenges the way no other martial art does. They feel composed and in control of stressful situations on and off the mats. Also, this rigorous workout teaches them how to control their breathing like Yoga, suppress fight-or-flight instinct, and calm emotions before acting. All these positive impacts of BJJ make women self-confident which will not only help them in martial arts training but in all aspects of life.

BJJ smashes Gender stereotypes:

Although in every martial art everyone is equal but, on the mat, male generally compete with male and female with a female. In BJJ training, on the other hand, there is no gender difference even on the mat. This is because you can only defeat your opponent if you are good at BJJ irrespective of your strength. In BJJ class, you will be judged by the work you put in on the mats and not the outfit that you wore coming to the gym. This makes female martial artists comfortable when practicing with male martial artists. Gender equality is a thing that almost the whole world wants to achieve and luckily BJJ is a place that is practiced all over the world in such a manner.

You'll become a Great Role Model for other women:

Everyone since childhood always tries to find a person to whom he would look up to. There is some role model in everyone's life. Girls are keener than boys to find their role models and when you practice this great sport in your comfortable BJJ GI you become a role model who practices healthy habits, is disciplined and can look after herself.

BJJ comes with plenty of benefits, and when you have a daughter, a niece, or any other young lady who wants to be you when she grows up, you pass on a lot of those benefits to her just by showing her what you are capable of doing. You can give that little girl a head starts on building her confidence, equipping with some defensive skills, enhancing physical health, and making friends who genuinely care about her well-being.

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