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One of the most popular online casino games out there today is a live dealer casino game from Evolution Gaming called Live Deal or No Deal. Like all other live dealer games, this one is only available in real money mode, and to play in the real money mode at licensed online casinos, you must be at least 18 years old. 

Here, you can learn more about how to play Live Deal or No Deal, where to play and why this game is so popular. 


Why is Live Deal or No Deal so popular?

There are several reasons why Live Deal or No Deal is so popular. First, it was developed by Evolution Gaming “ a famous online casino software provider specialising in producing live dealer games for online casinos. Over the past five or so years, the company has won numerous industry awards. 

Evolution Gaming has arguably produced some of the best live dealer games out there today, and the Live Deal or No Deal game is just one of several TV game show-themed live dealer games you must check out. If you're a fan of live dealer games and the hit TV game show, then you're going to love playing this game. 

The other reasons why it's so popular are that it's easy to play, you can play from as little as $/€/£0.10 up to $/€/£900.00 per round, and it's possible to win up to 500x times your stake per round. That's not all. It also has an average 95.42 RTP% (Return to Player percentage) payout rate. 


Where can I play Live Deal or No Deal?

One of the best places to play this state-of-the-art live dealer casino game is the 32Red deal or no deal casino. This award-winning online casino is one of the most recognised casino brands in the world. 

It's fully licensed by the UK gambling commission, and it's controlled by the reputable Kindred Group Plc, which has a solid reputation in the gambling industry. 



The aim of the game is to try and guess whether the amount of money in the last of the 16 briefcases in total will be worth more than the banker's offer. If you're familiar with the TV show, getting to grips with the rules shouldn't take too long. 


Game Rules

To gain entry to the Deal or No Deal Game Show part of the game, players must qualify before the qualification countdown timer reaches zero. Simply set your stake, hit spin, and then watch as the wheel spins. The wheel consists of three rings with multiple segments, some of which are gold-coloured. 

If you manage to align all three golden segments into the upper section of the wheel before the timer reaches zero, you will gain entry to the bonus feature. Using the onscreen player controls, you can determine how much each spin will set you back. 

Don't forget that the wide betting range caters to everyone from low rollers to high rollers. The bigger your total stake, the more valuable the prizes in the briefcases will be. A TOP UP wheel will instantly appear as soon as you qualify, which you can spin (at an extra cost) to boost the briefcase prize values. 

Everything now plays out like the game show, and the action is presented to you by a real person (the live dealer) who communicates with players in real-time. A maximum of four banker's offers will be made, which you can accept or decline. During the last opening, one of the last two briefcases will be opened. 

If you selected NO DEAL in the banker's previous offer, you would win the amount assigned to your briefcase, and if you SWITCH briefcases, you will win what's hidden in the other briefcases. It sounds a lot more complicated than it is and should only take a round or two to get used to. Also, don't forget that you can watch the mini video tutorial before playing, and the game rules are only ever a click or tap away. 


What other branded Deal or No Deal online casino games are also worth checking out?

Suppose you're not too bothered about playing live dealer games like Live Deal or No Deal, and prefer online slot machines instead. In that case, you may be interested in checking out one or more of these feature-rich slots, all of which are brought to you by another leading online casino software provider/game development studio called Blueprint Gaming.

They have produced a modest range of fruit machine-style online slots, which are referred to as ˜pub fruits,' ˜pub fruitys,' or ˜classic slots,' and a similar number of 5 and 6 reel video slots.

If you're looking for an online slot machine that really packs a punch, then you may want to start by checking out some of their 5 and 6 reel video slots before trying the pub fruits.

In this epic range of online slots, you can find the following great games:

- Deal or No Deal: The Golden Game online slot “ this one comes with a FIXED COIN jackpot (i.e., the jackpot is capped at a certain amount)

- Deal or No Deal: Banker's Bonanza online slot “ this one also comes with a fixed coin jackpot

- Deal or No Deal: Lightning Spins online slot “ this one comes with a fixed coin jackpot

- Deal or No Deal: Golden Box Megaways online slot “ this one comes with a fixed coin jackpot

- Deal or No Deal: Box Clever Jackpot King online slot “ this one comes with a progressive jackpot that can climb to no fixed amount before being won. It's connected to the JPK (Jackpot King) progressive jackpot network that links hundreds of world-class online casinos

- Deal or No Deal Megaways: Jackpot King online slot “ also connected to the JPK progressive jackpot network

- Deal or No Deal: What's in Your Box Jackpot King online slot “ also connected to the JPK progressive jackpot network

Any player can win the JPK at any time of the day. Therefore, it can drop at any moment, and it doesn't matter what stake you're playing with. For example, it's possible to win the Jackpot King progressive jackpot when spending as little as $/€/£0.10 per spin (or equivalent currency value) or when spending $/€/£10.00 per spin.

If you're looking for something more laid-back, you may want to start by playing Blueprint Gaming's branded Deal or No Deal Pub Fruit slots. There are just three titles in this series, and they all have fixed coin jackpots to play for, not progressive jackpots.

In the Pub Fruit slots series, the games to keep an eye out for are the following:

- Deal or No Deal: Double Action online slot

- Deal or No Deal: Go All the Way online slot

- Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play


For those of you who are looking for something completely different to slots and live dealer games but still fancy playing something that's Deal or No Deal-themed, then you may want to check out the Deal or No Deal: What's In Your Scratchcard online scratchie, or a game called Deal or No Deal: Slingo.

Slingo is a new breed of online casino games that mixes online slot machine and bingo technology. The Deal or No Deal live dealer games mentioned above are usually only ever accessible in the real money mode.

Live dealer games are just too expensive to run in the free-play demo mode, but you can generally play these games from as little as $/€/£0.10 or $/€/£0.20 per hand/round/spin (depending on the game).

The only other Deal or No Deal games from Blueprint Gaming that usually aren't available in the free-play mode are the Jackpot King progressive jackpot slots.

All of the other Deal or No Deal branded online casino games mentioned above “ the video slots, scratchcard, pub fruits and slingo games, can generally be accessed in the free-play demo mode.


Final note

If you do decide to sign up to 32Red to play any of these iconic online casino games, remember to gamble sensibly. In other words, don't spend more than you can afford and try to stay within your budget.

One of the best online casino bankroll management tools out there today is the useful ˜deposit limit' tool. It allows you to set sensible daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits, and it can be found in the ˜safer gambling tools' section when logged in to your 32Red account.

The other important things to remember when playing for real money are never to chase your losses and to never gamble while intoxicated or under the influence. Have fun, and don't just play for the sheer sake of it.

When playing any of the games mentioned above, always check your stake before taking your first spin because the default value may be set to a slightly higher amount than you are comfortable with.

For example, you may launch a Deal or No Deal slot only to find that the total stake is set to $/€/£0.50. If you think this is too much, simply use the responsive player controls beneath the reels to reduce your stake to $/€/£0.10 or $/€/£0.20 per spin or to a value that you're more comfortable with. 

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