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An underground water leak refers to the leakages that originate from the water pipes running under a home or building. There are certain factors that might cause a water leak to occur at any time which includes:

Underground chemicals: Substances in soil or water can degrade underground pipes, resulting in cracks or holes that let water seep through. Natural disasters: Underground pipes may be subjected to great pressure during earthquakes or tremors, which could cause them to move or even shatter.

Wear and tear: Pipework can corrode and give way over time, leading to cracks and leaks.

Improper installation: Although this is one of the causes that can be avoided, poor or faulty installation has sadly been linked to pipe leaks. Older homes are more likely to have drains or galvanized steel pipes. Galvanized steel will eventually develop rust and corrosion, which might result in leaks. Early replacement of corroded or rusted pipes can result in long-term financial benefits.

Improper installation: Although this is one of the causes that can be avoided, poor or faulty installation has sadly been linked to pipe leaks. The condition of the damaged pipes will deteriorate with time, and you will start to see a variety of symptoms that may point to a deeper problem with the pipework beneath.


Underground Leak Detection in Orange County

Decreased Water Pressure - Water pressure may drop suddenly, if there is an underground pipe leakage. It can be an indication of a leak if you notice a drop in water pressure in just one faucet or appliance. Nevertheless, if you notice a drop in pressure across your entire house, you might be experiencing an underground water leak.

Cracked Foundations or formation of bulges and potholes - Your home's foundation may get cracked if there is a water leak under the concrete slab.  If the leak is allowed to persist for a long time, it can impair your home's overall construction and potentially cause wall cracks or you may also notice bulges in the floor. Make it a regular habit to inspect your foundation for cracks, potholes and other moisture-related indicators.

Sudden increase in water bills - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that a family of four uses more than 12,000 gallons of water in a cold month then it might be a sign that there are serious underground pipe leaks. Keep a close check on your bill and notice any significant changes. Do these actions to determine if there is a leak if you observe that your water bill is rising but you cannot identify a clear cause for the rise. This can include checking your water heater, checking your faucets, and putting food colors in your toilet tank to determine whether it's leaking. If there is a consistent monthly rise in bills for a few months, then there is most likely a leakage in the pipes.

Foul Smell - Leaks that go unnoticed for a while can create dampness in the walls and floors. This  can further result in mold and mildew, which will produce a foul smell in the area. Moreover as molds are fungal formations it can be unhealthy for your family as it causes breathing problems.

Accumulation of water - If you find water pooling around your home or sudden accumulation of water at a certain area in your house this can be due to an underground pipe leak.  Frequent water saturation in the soil near indicates leakage in the pipes

Noise from pipes - There is definitely a leak somewhere in the underground pipeline if you hear a sound of flowing water when there is actually no running water in the house. In the pipes, you might also hear whistling, dripping, hissing noise.

Check the water meter - Checking your water meter is one of the simplest ways to find out whether you have an underground water leak. Make sure there is no flowing water in the house by turning off all of the faucets and appliances including washing machine, toilets, dishwasher, and filter systems as well.  Use the shutoff valve at the water main to ensure a complete stop in  the water supply  then check the water meter and wait for it to change. If you notice a change in the meter this indicates that there might be an underground pipe leak. If the meter doesn't change right away, it doesn't necessarily indicate you're safe. Check it again after a certain time interval without turning on the water in the house. if the situation has altered despite the water being off, then be sure that there is a leakage in the pipes.


Call for experts from Professional Company

To make sure that leak detections are handled correctly should be a priority for every property owner because your property may sustain expensive damage from a leak, and your health may also be at risk. The best method for finding underground water leaks is specialized acoustic equipment. Little vibrations are produced when pressurized water leaks from a pipe. These vibrations are magnified as sound with the aid of a very sensitive microphone that is positioned on the ground.

Finding leaks and fixing them is simple when a professional company is on your side. Over the years in Orange County, they have delivered dependable plumbing services, installs, and repairs. Experienced professionals have advanced equipment for undergroundleak detection in Orange County. Experts are equipped with cutting-edge machinery for leak detection. To assist the customer in finding the leak, professionals employ a variety of techniques, such as ground microphones or other acoustic listening devices. Some plumbers may also benefit from the assistance of video inspection gear like plumbing cameras. As the expert can pinpoint the exact place with video inspection, only the damaged area will need to be corrected. This could help you avoid more damage to your home and save you a lot of money on labour.


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