Why Smile Makeovers Are the Best Solution for Your Faded Teeth

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A smile plays an important role in building confidence within oneself. A beautiful smile plays a significant role in how you express yourself. As per the study, about 51% of people are not satisfied with the teeth color they have. This is where a thorough smile makeover can make your life easier. Our dentists can improve your smile through a dental makeover and therefore improve self-perception.


What is Smile Makeover?

A Smile Makeover is a series of cosmetic dental procedures to improve one’s smile. The treatment method includes several procedures including professional teeth whitening, veneers, clear aligners, and many more. However, every person has a distinct smile and the smile makeover can be planned as per the patient’s need. A smile makeover works on different elements of a person’s smile including tooth color, shape, size, and shade of the teeth structure.

A smile makeover considers a full assessment of your oral hygiene during an initial consultation. To achieve the desired results, your dentist will make sure you get all your oral health problems solved before undergoing Smile Makeover treatment.


Procedures included in Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeovers requires a customized treatment plan as per your need. However, for faded teeth, you need to undergo one or a combination of several procedures to make your smile brighter.

Teeth Whitening: Have you noticed that your teeth are getting yellowish lately? If teeth color has become your concern lately, your dentist may include teeth whitening into your smile makeover treatment plan.

Veneers: Porcelain veneers are often used in the front teeth to mask up any kind of blemishes, chippings, or discoloration. Veneers are custom-made thin shells that fit perfectly over the surface of your teeth. Veneers have become one of the popular options these days which can give you an enhanced and more radiant smile.    

Porcelain crowns: Unlike veneers, dental crowns made up of ceramic or porcelain covers the whole tooth instead of only the front portion. Thus porcelain crowns work by hiding the surface imperfections like cracked, chipped, or discoloration issues.


What is the correlation between oral hygiene and a smile makeover?

Smile Makeover is a cosmetic dentistry procedure. One should not consider this as an alternative to comprehensive dental care procedures such as restorations or fillings, or scaling. You should keep in mind that smile makeovers are not meant to hide your oral health issues like tooth decay, persistent pain, and issues like gum bleedings.

Once all your oral health issues get resolved, you can get a smile makeover that plays an important role to enhance the overall esthetics of your smile. A smile makeover addresses cracked chipped or broken teeth. This can also correct the gaps between the teeth, unevenly shaped teeth, and missing teeth as well.

If you have crooked or malaligned teeth, it will be difficult for you to clean them properly. A smile makeover will help you to restore the damaged teeth and give access to the hard-to-reach areas where plaque gets accumulated. Thus making it easier to maintain optimal oral hygiene. Hence, a smile makeover reduces the risk of developing tooth decay and improves your oral health at par in the long run.


For how long does a smile makeover last?

Smile makeovers for faded teeth have a stipulated lifespan. Such treatment effects can improve your appearance by several folds. How long the result will last may vary and greatly depends on your habits. However, the effect may remain with you from six months to over a decade based on the oral hygiene you maintain.

Along with the basic oral care routine, you need to focus on your diet too. Smile makeovers might need you to make some adjustments to your lifestyle. You need to make restrictions regarding the consumption of dark and yellow staining substances like tea, coffee, red sauce, red wine, mustard, ketchup, berries, or even tobacco products. If your regular homecare routine contains rinsing with Chlorhex mouthwash, you need to wait for at least 48 hours after getting your teeth whitening treatment. 


Things you need to consider before getting your smile transformation

A cosmetic dentist would never put a patient’s oral health at risk. However, you need to understand the situation by carefully considering some facts before undergoing a thorough smile makeover. This will help you to make an informed decision along with your dentist regarding the procedure. The health of the teeth, gums, and the kind of bite or teeth alignment will also be taken into consideration.

If you are thinking of getting your smile makeover, consult an expert dentist near you without any delay. Give your teeth the care they deserve and consult our expert advice to know more.

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