Why You Should Add Rare Silver Dollars to Your Coin Collection

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Are you trying to build or diversify your coin collection? Wondering what to add next?

Coin collecting is a great hobby that will help you earn some dollars on the side and even build a legacy for your future heirs. However, you don't want to add just any coin to your collection. Carefully choose every coin or set if you want to build something unique and valuable. You want to pay particular attention to rare coins that have true allure.

That said, rare silver dollars are among the best coins you can add to your collection or portfolio today. That's because they are:


1. More Affordable Than Gold

Are you looking for maximum value for your cash? Rare silver coins are more reasonably priced than rare gold coins across the board. That makes them a good option for new collectors still exploring the industry or anyone looking to grow their collection quickly. You get more for the same investment dollars than most precious metals, which is excellent for those on a budget.


2. Deep Historical Significance

Aside from containing at least 90% silver, silver dollars are popular among collectors because of their historical background. These coins showcase important country symbols, as well as people, events and institutions that changed the course of history.


3. Available in Proof and Uncirculated

Depending on your budget, goals and taste, you may want proof or uncirculated coins. These coins are very different from one another. While uncirculated coins are only struck once, proof coins are struck twice, giving them a mirror-like shine on the back and a matte finish on the front.

Also, proof coins are minted in smaller numbers and are much more complicated to find than uncirculated coins. Understandably, they have a steeper price tag. With silver dollars, you can go with proof coins, uncirculated or a bit of both.


4. More Visually Appealing Than Copper or Nickel

Collecting coins is also an artistic expression. That is why the appearance of a coin also matters to a collector. Even though silver dollars are affordable, they are visually appealing compared to most other metals, including nickel and copper. So, they will definitely add beauty and versatility to your collection.


5. Large Collector and Investor Interest

Lastly, silver dollars are actually very popular with collectors as well as coin investors. And there are benefits to this. For one, a substantial following means that the coin's actual value will keep soaring as the years fly by, pushing the value of your collection to unimaginable heights. Two, higher interest means greater liquidity. So, you can convert your coins into cash without much difficulty.


Invest in Some Rare Silver Dollars to Diversify and Increase the Value of Your Collection

Building a great collection is all about choosing every coin carefully. If you want to get the most coins for your money without sacrificing important criteria like value, aesthetics, and liquidity, silver dollars are worth your investment dollars. However, ensure you buy from a reputable dealer and choose relatively rare coins with high grades.

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