Why you should hire a Stamford, CT motorcycle accident lawyer?

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Motorcycle accidents are scary to watch and often end in death for the people involved. If another driver's carelessness caused a crash that hurt you in Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Stamford, CT you need a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. 

Most of the time, the riders and their passengers are hurt in motorcycle accidents because they have no way to protect themselves. Traumatic brain injuries, broken backs, and the loss of income that comes with them can change your whole life. Finding a good auto accident lawyer in Stamford, Connecticut, is very important. 

How to Keep Important Evidence Safe After a Motorcycle Crash

Insurance companies put a high priority on cleaning up accident scenes quickly because that usually shows that they have to pay for damages. We've dealt with car accidents before, so we know how important it is to gather proof, such as:

Take pictures of the road, the scenery around it, the road signs, and even the street lights; take pictures of your bike, other vehicles, and other important things; If your motorcycle accident happened at night, it's a good idea to take pictures of your injuries before going to the hospital.

We work with experts in the field of accident investigation and reconstruction to find out more about what happened before an accident and how different things affected how it turned out. If possible, having a bystander record the crash scene with a cell phone camera could be a key part of your effort to get the compensation you need and deserve.

Lawyers who help people hurt in motorcycle accidents in Stamford

There is a persistent stereotype of the biker as a lawless rebel whose reckless disregard for road safety and traffic laws led to a lot of his or her own injuries, and insurers have been known to try to take advantage of this stereotype. 

Comparative negligence is a defense that is often used in motorcycle accident cases to try to put the blame for the crash on the motorcyclist. We know how to build a case and present the evidence to counter this line of thinking.

Motorcycle accidents with cars almost always cause serious or fatal injuries because of the size and weight difference between the two vehicles and the fact that motorcyclists don't wear enough protective gear.

  1. Problems with the brain (traumatic brain injury, TBI)
  2. Damage to the backbone and neckbone
  3. Broken bones everywhere
  4. Amputations
These and other serious injuries to motorcyclists can change their whole lives. Some of the effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) are losing your memory, changing who you are, and feeling dizzy all the time. As a result, the victim may find it hard to do daily tasks at work or at home. A person's ability to do daily tasks and, by extension, their quality of life can also go down if they have a herniated disc or a pinched nerve.

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