Lights, Camera, Action! (Win an Electric Scooter)

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Lights will shine bright this 26th of January with a spectacular firework display celebrating Australia Day.

Camera's will follow as the fireworks start to burst into the open night sky, illuminating the dark.

And action takes place when you scoot your way with your favorite electric scooter to find the best view ever! Other activities include a classic beach barbeque and outdoor concerts or street parades. Definitely, the best way to go through or around the city is with your portable and compact electric scooter.

At Ride Hub Australia, Home of Electrified Beasts (E-Rides), we have exactly the best e-scooter for you. In fact, to celebrate Australia Day, Ride Hub Australia in partnership with Mearth, the Pioneer in Australian Electric Scooter, is having a Giveaway Contest. If you win, you will definitely find yourself scooting to the party this 26th in the slim and slick 2023 Mearth S electric scooter.

All you need to do is follow these 3-easy steps to get an entry:

1. Follow Ride Hub Official Instagram and/or Facebook Page

- Instagram: @ridehub.australia

- Facebook:

2. Tag 3 of your Instagram and/or Facebook friends under this post

3. Share this post on your Instagram Story / Facebook My Day (make sure your account is set on ˜public' so we can verify that you followed the steps) and tag us!


Remember terms and conditions apply:

- Giveaway is open Australia-wide

- Last date of entry will be on January 25, 2023 

- 1 winner will be selected and announced on January 26, 2023

Easy-peasy, so what are you waiting for? The chance is yours if you take it.


Why choose the 2023 Mearth S:  Simple, Straightforward, 



The truth about the Mearth S series is that it only came to life because of a demand, particularly a customer demand. There was a need for its existence, for a simple electric scooter for the young ones as early as 14 and the young-at“heart as well. The classic Mearth S 2023 is highly recommended for young adults, to keep them active and wandering the great outdoors. It is designed in a wholesome, nature-rounded way to incorporate a new habit of getting the young ones out into the open air instead of a screen-time overdose. Still with fun in mind and safety still a priority, Mearth S 2023 provides the thrill the youngsters crave.

A simple electric scooter, which is where Mearth got the name Mearth S, is a straightforward, superior electric scooter. It emphasizes an uncomplicated, easily understood, presenting no difficulty kind of ride “ just the way an entry“level e-scooter should be. 

The 2023 Mearth S is made with high-quality, locally-designed components and is proudly Australian. This model is the basic entry-level electric scooter, perfect for starters.

The 2023 Mearth S is the only e-scooter in all of the Mearth series to weigh 12.5 kg and below. This is considered a lightweight electric scooter. It is the winner when it comes to lightness. It is also foldable with a 3-second folding mechanism, definitely portable and compact. The 2023 Mearth S model when unfolded is 1073*420*1176 MM and when folded is 1073*420*450 MM. The deck to the ground has a height of 110 mm. With that size, bring it with you by simply folding and locking the stem up or down in just a snap and go where you need to be. Be unlimited.

The 2023 Mearth S also has a swappable 36V/ 5AH /180WH battery system and it takes 3-4 hours for charging time. Definitely impressive for a beginner e-scooter especially with the recent upgrade of a new connection pin design to link the battery to the e-scooter!

The 2023 Mearth S runs on a 350 W motor power with 750 W burst output making it a powerful e-scooters that can take its riders to greater lengths. It also recently got another upgrade of:

- New brushless motor 8x for more efficiency yet same power consumption,

- New sinewave controller for smoother, efficient power delivery and;

- More power output for farther distance.

The 2023 Mearth S can go as far as 25 km/h which is the default in accordance to Australian laws), of course the actual speed depends on all the actual factors involved including the weight of the rider. With higher speed, it is a thrilling electric scooter well-designed to help release inhibitions for the young-at-heart, but still durable and safe. If it hasn't been mentioned, the Mearth S Series 2023 disc brakes have passed industry standard testing!

As for the tires of the 2023 Mearth S, it carries 8.5 pneumatic tires allowing it to have the ability to climb a maximum 15° hill climb and carry 100 kg maximum weight.

With amazing features, the youngsters might be startled at this amazement, but safety is not a problem because this innovative e-scooter has a reliable disc brake system for maximum protection. This is one of the safest and best types of e-scooter brakes in the market. 

The 2023 Mearth S also has a powerful bright light that reflects the road especially when dark. But don't let down your guard, not one minute! ALWAYS remember to be aware and alert. Riders MUST ALWAYS wear safety gear and the approved helmet! Be safe and be a responsible rider!

All in all, the Mearth S Series 2023 is an eye-catcher, it is beautifully black with hot red accents especially on the wheel (new red hot highlights on the wheels for a brighter recognition) which is another recent upgrade, emphasizing speed and power. Stand out in awesomeness!

The color display screen of the 2023 Mearth S is also up-to-date with modern times. Just with one screen, the speed mode and distance traveled can easily be seen and accessed. No wonder why today, it is both the young adults and the entry-level beginners favorite!


Why choose Ride Hub Australia?

Ride Hub Australia has the best price you can ever, ever, get your favorite electric scooters! Guaranteed! And Mearth, meaning Mobility & Earth, is one of the leading electric scooter brands that Ride Hub Australia carries among other many top-notch brands. Mearth electric scooters are the responsible way to go. It's a perfect match!

Ride Hub Australia has it all for you when it comes to choosing the best electric scooter. Ride Hub experts are here to help you with their range of tools and guides to work out the right electric scooter for their lifestyle and their budget.

Yes, lifestyle too “ because if you did not know “  one of the sustainable modes of transport are electric scooters or e“scooters for short. Why? How? Simple answer. E-scooters do not pollute. That's right, there are no CO2 or other major polluting emissions. This means that the longer electric scooters are used, the more environmental and ecological advantage for us. As citizens of this world, we are responsible for the welfare of mankind.

And you knew it! Ride Hub Australia cares. It is also in the business of making a change in the world but at the same time, still satisfying customers as much as possible with the better and best electric scooter models in the market.


One of the best entry“level electric scooters in Ride Hub Australia is the Mearth S Series 2023!

Ride Hub Australia also carries amazing brands including Bird, Bolzzen, Ducati, E-Glide, Inokim, Kaabo, Mearth, Mercane, NanRobot, Segway and Xiaomi.

For discounts and promotions, it is best to stay updated through the social media accounts of Ride Hub Australia.

Make sure to join the Australia Day Giveaway Contest for a chance to win the 2023 Mearth S.

Cheers, mate!

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