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WordPress is a well-liked and frequently utilized CMS for creating user-friendly and effective websites. Currently, WordPress powers 43.2% of the web.

WordPress is the platform of choice to meet all your requirements, whether you want to create a company website, a very complicated eCommerce website, or a blogging website. It has a wide range of distinctive characteristics that make it appropriate for every website.

Making a website using WordPress is simple, and you can create a strong website for your company by following the latest trends.

We'll talk about the top WordPress development trends for 2022 in this blog post. The current trends might be used to create a top-notch website straight away.


Why Do Companies Choose WordPress To Create Competitive Websites?

Let's first discuss some of the benefits of adopting WordPress for website development before moving on to the most recent trends in WordPress website design.


1. It is Open source

Because WordPress is open-source, everyone has free access to its source code. It is a versatile platform that can be utilized to build different kinds of websites.

WordPress has no license fees, so you may develop a website at a reasonable price.

WordPress has a number of plugins and themes that you may use to create a professional-grade and user-friendly website for your company.

You must have knowledge of the CMS and be able to use all of its features. Therefore, the ideal option is to work with WordPress developers to build a feature-rich website for your business.


2. It provides Enhanced Exposure

With SEO, you can strengthen your internet presence and draw more people.

The fact that a WordPress-built website appears in the top search results is not a coincidence.

You may create websites that are search engine-optimized using WordPress, which has a strong SEO foundation. By utilizing the right themes and plugins, you can also increase your website's SEO friendliness.

In conclusion, WordPress gives you the ability to build websites that are search engine friendly. You can build a capable website with out-of-the-box functions by using a well-optimized and appealing website theme.

WordPress also has fantastic options for building websites that are highly optimized.


3. It is Secured

Using WordPress as the foundation, you can build a secure website for your business. It contains a number of enhanced security features that assist companies in creating secure websites. It contains site security tools like password-protected folders and WordPress security plugins, among others.

Additionally, WordPress offers timely version upgrades, lessens the likelihood of problems, and addresses any security issues. On your website, you can also enable an SSL certificate from your web hosting company.

Furthermore, by installing the WordPress backup plugins, you can always have a copy of your data. You should have a backup of your data because it is crucial to the operation of your company, just in case.


4. Integration of External Tools

Every business approaches website development in a different way. Any website you desire to design can effortlessly incorporate necessary functionalities thanks to WordPress.

For instance, you can utilize the WooCommerce plugin to transform your current website into an eCommerce one. You can also add features like payment gateways, shopping carts, inventory management, etc. because it gives you access to third-party tools.

By working with a skilled WordPress web development services provider, you can create a WordPress website for your company that is ready for the market.

Any functionality you desire can be added using third-party tools and APIs. It makes no difference if they are email marketing services, CRM, or Google analytics.

You are now aware of the factors contributing to WordPress' widespread adoption. To create a website that is competitive for your organization, let's examine its most recent trends.


Top WordPress Website Development Trends


1. WordPress with no head or Headless WordPress

The content on a headless WordPress website is displayed to users using other unique frontend technologies while being managed in the backend by WordPress.

Many advantages come with headless WordPress, including improved security, customization, and performance.

WordPress-powered websites have frontends that are optimized for speed, are incredibly responsive, load in milliseconds, and offer an unrivaled user experience.

Additionally, fewer resources are needed to provide seamless performance.

WordPress makes it simple to add content to complex WordPress solutions that display data from a variety of sources, including social media pages, web services, video streaming websites, location data, and more.


2. WordPress for Software as a Solution (SaaS)

When we consider the benefits of a no-code platform for WordPress, this point automatically comes into play. The no-code platform simplifies SaaS product development.

WordPress and its plugins make it simple for web design firms to create SaaS-based products.

Developers can cut development time in half by using low-code or less-code development platforms like WordPress.

As a result, you can develop and market market-ready SaaS-based products at a fraction of the cost.


3. Addition of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

One disadvantage of online shopping is that customers cannot see the product in real time. Technology has also provided solutions to this problem.

Customers will be able to check the look and style of the product using technologies such as Augmented reality. As a result, they can make more informed purchasing decisions.

This will assist businesses in providing a better customer experience. The incorporation of AR/VR into the website will also reduce the likelihood of product return and exchange because customers will be able to try it virtually.

A WordPress development company can help you leverage this WordPress trend for your eCommerce website.


4. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Feature

The progressive web app takes advantage of the most recent web development technology to combine the best of websites and apps.

A PWA is a website that can be installed in the same way that a native app can. It enables customers to experience the full functionality of the website on their mobile devices without the need to install any additional apps.

PWA technology is available as a WordPress plugin and provides new caching strategies such as deeper engagement. Customers have a better user experience because they can install the website as an app on their mobile phones.


5. Voice Search Feature

The use of voice search in WordPress is a popular trend. Both users and businesses benefit from voice search optimization.

Voice search features in WordPress website development can be used by businesses via plugins.

With the addition of this feature to your website, you can provide greater convenience to your visitors. They are no longer required to type. Instead, they can simply shoot the command, and the results will appear in seconds.


6. WordPress Trends for eCommerce Feature

You should be aware that you can easily convert your existing website into an eCommerce website by using the WooCommerce plugin.

This allows you to quickly create an eCommerce website with all of the necessary features for your company. Inventory management, payment gateways, shipping, and so on are all part of it.

You can also create a customized eCommerce website based on your company's needs.

You can also create a customized website theme for your business by enlisting the help of reputable WordPress development companies.


6. Chatbot Integration Feature

Chatbots are being used by many brands to provide excellent customer service. With chatbot integration, you can quickly respond to customer inquiries and provide appropriate resolution at any time.

Chatbots can also help visitors navigate your website and provide valuable feedback.

You can easily set up a chatbot in WordPress to increase user engagement.


7. Accessibility Improvements in new release

It refers to creating a website and its content that are accessible to all people regardless of their location, device, language barriers, or level of ability.

All users will have equal access to content and functionalities if you build a site that passes all accessibility tests.

As a result, by utilizing advanced WordPress themes and features, you can improve the accessibility of your WordPress site.

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