Your Guide To Vastu Tips For Finding Your Dream Home

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Finding a perfect home is more than just a matter of aesthetics and convenience for us. It’s also about the energy that your house emanates. Let’s face it! Builders these days struggle a lot to build a house that is Vastu compliant. And if you move into such a house, you might compromise your well-being and prosperity. 

Following the tips to buy or rent a new home as per Vastu Shastra will ensure that there’s positive energy in your house. This ancient architectural science helps you and your household members lead a harmonious life. 

Let’s explore some tips outlined in Vastu that you must follow while looking to change your place.

A] Basic Vastu Principles

There are a few basic principles that apply to all kinds of households. So, if you want to rent a house or buy a new one, make sure that the house is compliant with these tips. 

1. Shape Of The Room

The first thing you must check is whether the rooms have a Vastu-compliant shape. This ancient architectural science suggests that the rooms have a square or rectangular shape.

2. Vastu For Room

Avoid investing in houses that have closed rooms. Your rooms should be well-lit and have proper airflow. A well-lit and airy house allows you to stay fresh and avoid lethargy. So, Vastu tips are not just myths. These guidelines have scientific backing.

3. Furniture

If you’ve chosen to move into a furnished house, make sure that the heavy furniture is in the south-west direction. The heavy furniture usually includes cupboards, beds, etc.

4. Vastu For Stairs

Just like the heavy furniture, you should choose a house which has stairs in the south-west direction.

5. Vastu For Dining Table

You can keep your dining table anywhere in the house. Just make sure that you don’t place it near the main entrance of your house.

5. Water

It would be best to have a water fountain or an aquarium within your house. Vastu for home also suggests that you keep some indoor plants to maintain good energy inside.

B] Vastu Tips For Buying Or Renting A New Home

You might look out for and consider a lot of things before you purchase or rent a house. For example, you invest in a house that is at a prominent location and has a great appearance. But most people neglect the important factors to consider when buying a house. 

Vastu Shastra guides you about the direction and placement of your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, stairs, etc. It also suggests the colors you should pick to ensure that your house always has strong positive vibes. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of Vastu for moving into a new house.

1. Direction Of The Main Entrance

The main entrance of your house is the place from where energy flows into your house. As per Vastu, your house’s main entrance should face the north, east, or northeast direction. 

Vastu Shastra also outlines that you avoid having any water fountains right outside your main entrance. Also, the quality of wood that you use to construct your house’s main door should be supreme. 

Another thing you must ensure is that there should be no shoe rack near the main entrance as it can attract negative energy. The entrance should be well-lit and your doors shouldn’t be black.

2. Vastu For Dining Hall

If there’s a separate room for a dining hall in your house, you should plant it in the west zone to get better results. 

Vastu also suggests a north, east, and south direction for the placement of your dining hall. But it’s best that you avoid the south-west direction as Vastu does not consider it suitable.

3. Tips For Living Room

Your living room is the center of all activities in your house. Also, it is the first thing people notice when they visit you. Vastu suggests that you keep your living room entirely clean. 

The living room should face the east, north, or northeast direction. The placement of the furniture should be in the west or southwest direction to keep your home free from Vastu dosh.

4. Vastu For Bedroom

If your bedrooms are in the southwest direction, you will have a more prosperous relationship. As per Vastu, having your bedroom in the northeast direction can lead to health issues. It might also lead to quarrels among couples. The direction of the bed should be southwest. Enhance the positive energy in your bedroom by incorporating Vastu paintings that complement the southwest direction.

5. Vastu Tips For Kitchen

While buying or renting a new house, you must ensure that your kitchen is in the south-east direction. Place all the appliances in your kitchen in the southeast direction.

6. Tips For Meditation/Pooja Room

Having a meditation or a Pooja room in your house is auspicious. However, placing the idols of God in the wrong direction can impact your household negatively. 

Your meditation room helps you in connecting with the greater spiritual world. So, you should follow the Vastu guidelines for your Pooja room. You can also enhance the positive energy by keeping a Rudraksha mala in the house, as it not only improves your health but Rudraksha also contributes to better skin health. 

Place the idols of God in such a way so that when you look at them while praying, you face the east direction. Consider painting your meditation room with light colors such as yellow, beige, white, or green.

 7. Vastu For Bathroom

Consider the northwest direction for your bathroom as it is significantly outlined in Vastu Shastra. Make sure that the house you move into does not have a bathroom in the southwest direction as it might attract negativity. 

You should also take note of whether the toilet’s entrance door is on the northern or eastern wall of your house. These two directions are considered the best for your bathroom according to Vastu. 

Wrapping It Up!

Following Vastu tips when buying or renting a new house will ensure peace in your house. These tips will help you in removing negative energy from your house and promote stability. You can always consider your options when purchasing a new Vastu-compliant house.

 But if you are looking to rent a house, it might be difficult to make alterations to its existing structure. In that case, you can make temporary adjustments by applying Vastu remedies. For example, you can place a Vastu pyramid or use specific colours and crystals to balance the energy in your rented home. 

And remember, even if you are renting a house, you can still follow Vastu guidelines of placing furniture, plants, etc., in your house to create positive energies. 

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