YouTube Shorts Monetization Explained with a Step-by-Step Guide

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YouTube is one of the best Online Video Platform. YouTube Shorts allows content creators to make and upload quick-form videos of up to 60 seconds long. They can make these videos using their smartphones and give a fun and imaginative way to interact with their target audience.  

With the most recent announcement of YouTube Shorts monetization, creators can monetize their content and earn cash from short-form videos. To figure out how to monetize your YouTube Shorts, you've come to the right place. 

This article will explain how YouTube Shorts monetization works. Plus, it gives you a bit-by-bit manual on the most proficient method to monetize your Shorts video content. Now, let's get going!

What are YouTube Shorts? 

YouTube Shorts are snappy, vertical videos that capture attention in a flash. With a duration of 60 seconds, Shorts provides a platform for content creators to show their creativity and talent in bite-sized videos. Over 70% of Shorts are longer than 15 seconds. The format is perfect for on-the-go viewers looking for quick entertainment or information. 

YouTube Shorts was launched when many social media platforms were shifting towards making short videos. Even in the primary testing phase, Shorts did well in India. Soon after, it was fully released in the US and got more than 6.5 billion views daily. Now, Shorts is available globally in over 100 countries.

Overview of YouTube Shorts Fund 

YouTube created the Shorts Fund to encourage creators and make the Shorts experience better. The fund has money that creators can earn as a reward for making Shorts that people like and find interesting. 

Creators who make videos for YouTube Shorts will receive 45% of the money that YouTube makes from people who subscribe to YouTube Premium. Some money from YouTube Premium goes towards paying for the rights to use music in videos. Creators will get paid based on how many people watch their Shorts videos in each country.

YouTube Shorts Monetization

Monetizing your YouTube Shorts involves participating in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). This program enables creators to earn money through various channels, and now, Shorts are part of the revenue equation. The primary focus of the YouTube monetization update is to select the monetization modules listed below:

1. Commerce Product Addendum

If you use special features like Channel Memberships, Super Chat, Super Stickers, or Super Thanks, you can still make money from them. The rules for making money have stayed the same, so you don't have to agree to anything new if you already use these features.

2. Shorts Monetization Module

This enables you to get paid for YouTube Shorts. Ads that run between Shorts on the Shorts stream, provide YouTube shorts revenue.

3. Check the Page Monetization Module

You can make money from ads on your long videos, live videos, and YouTube Premium content. To guarantee that you take advantage of everything available, YouTube advises you to choose to participate in each of these modules.

YouTube Partner Program Eligibility for Shorts  

You are now aware of YouTube short video monetization, so, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the YouTube Partner Program. This includes:  

1. You need to have somewhere around 1,000 individuals subscribed to your channel and 4,000 legitimate public watch hours of your videos over the most recent year. This is significant because it shows that individuals are keen on your content and willing to watch it. 

2. Comply with community YouTube Shorts guidelines and observe the rules that YouTube sets. These principles are made to ensure that everybody in the community is respectful and safe. 

3. The minimum number of subscribers to your channel is 1,000, and the absolute number of views for your Shorts videos in the past ninety days should be 10 million.

Advertiser-friendly Guidelines for YouTube Shorts 

YouTube wants to make sure that ads show up in a safe place, so make sure your video is okay for everyone to see. 

Make sure your videos don't have bad words, violent scenes, or controversial topics that could prevent you from YouTube Shorts eligibility. Also, videos with sexual content in the title, thumbnail, or sexual themes can't have ads. There are some exceptions for educational or music videos that don't show graphic sexual content. This rule applies to both real and computer-made videos.  

How YT Shorts Fund Works? 

YouTube Shorts has taken social media to the next level, offering creators a unique online video streaming experience to showcase their talent in bite-sized videos. But have you ever wondered how creators make money through YouTube Shorts? Let's find out more about the YouTube Shorts Fund. 

1. Pool Shorts Feed Ad Revenue 

YouTube Shorts Fund starts by pooling the ad revenue generated from Shorts Feed. Every time a viewer watches a short video, a fraction of the ad revenue contributes to the fund. This pooled money becomes the core of the Shorts Fund, ready to be distributed among the creators.

2. Calculate the Creator Pool 

Once the ad revenue is gathered, YouTube takes the next step by calculating the Creator Pool. This involves crunching numbers based on factors like views and engagement. 

It also includes the overall performance of individual short videos and music usage across all Shorts. The creative pool and music publishers divide the profits if they utilize music. 

3. Allocate the Creator Pool 

With the Creator Pool in hand, YouTube allocates funds among deserving creators. This process ensures that those who consistently create engaging and popular short content receive their fair share. It's a merit-based system that rewards creativity and captivation.

 4. Apply Revenue Share

The magic happens when YouTube applies the revenue share. The monetized creators will retain 45% of their profit, even if they use music. The revenue share is a fair and transparent mechanism. It allows YouTube to give back to the creative minds behind the Shorts content that keeps audiences hooked.

Final thoughts

If you make videos on YouTube, it's also really smart to take a stab at making short videos. They can assist you with getting more famous and making more money. It doesn't make any difference if you're new to making videos or you've been doing it for some time. YouTube Alternatives like GUDSHO, Vimeo, and Dailymotion also offer an immersive video experience, when it comes to Video Monetization. You can explore them too.

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