10 Tips to Take Care of Visual Health

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No matter how old you are, visual health is essential. It is normal that over the years visual acuity tends to suffer and that certain pathologies may arise. The good news is that safe but cheap contact lenses may solve some of these eye conditions. However, good care and adequate hygiene allow for minimizing the risks. Therefore, to enjoy good visual health, we have shared some extremely important series of guidelines and recommendations to follow.


Recommendations to take care of Visual Health

Following these recommendations will be good for your Visual Health. When you have picked up these simple habits, it will not cost you anything and you will know that you are doing something to take care of your Visual Health, which will improve your quality of life and you will feel better.


Hydration as a mantra

It is well known that we are around 70% water, plus most of that water accumulates in the cells of our body. If H20 transmits life to our body, why would it be an exception in the case of the eyes and visual health? Good hydration promotes visual health and maintains the flexibility of the ocular membranes. The idea is to achieve some flexibility in a natural way, that is, by drinking or eating food, although artificial tears can also be used when you feel some dryness.


Read but at a suitable distance

When you read, whether it's a book on paper or in electronic format, keep a distance of about 50 centimeters. Also, if you want to ensure your visual health, choose an environment with adequate light. This light can be both natural and artificial, but in any case, there should never be too much or too little to avoid damaging the view. And it never hurts to remember to take reading breaks every hour or so to give your eyes a rest.


Pay attention to what you eat

We are what we eat, therefore a healthy diet will always be good for visual health. Foods with a high content of vitamin A (such as greens, vegetables, or dairy products), vitamin C (such as oranges or peppers), and magnesium (such as vegetables, nuts, legumes, or cereals) help the proper functioning of the cells of the eyes. Likewise, a good diet can also have a positive impact on visual health by preventing hypertension, excess cholesterol, or diabetes, all of which can damage the retina.


Put out bad smoke

We are not going to discover at this point that tobacco is harmful to our bodies, but there is a tendency to mistakenly think that its consequences are only associated with the lungs and the brain. Various investigations have concluded that tobacco use is related to some ocular pathologies, such as glaucoma, cataracts, dry eyes or diabetic retinopathy. Therefore, avoiding tobacco is positive for visual health.


Maintain good Hygiene in Contact Lenses

In order to have good visual health, the experts of JLR Eye Hospital say that it is very important to carry out meticulous hygiene when wearing contact lenses. There are a series of actions that must be applied at all times in the care of contact lenses. For example, you should only handle contact lenses after washing your hands, you should always store them in a clean case with contact lens solution, and you should never exceed the recommended wear time.


Reject Aggression

Aggressive external factors can reduce visual health. It is very important to avoid environmental factors that are harmful to the eyes, such as pool chlorine, pollution, mites, and pollen... or even excessive heat and cold.


Go to the ophthalmologist regularly

It's better to prevent than to cure. This saying is further reinforced if possible when we talk about an ophthalmological review. The reviews carried out by ophthalmologists allow anomalies, visual problems, and pathologies to be detected in time. Regardless of whether you think you do not suffer from any of these problems, it is advisable that you visit an ophthalmologist for the sake of your visual health since some eye diseases do not reflect symptoms.


Eye protection must be present year-round

To enjoy good visual health it is essential to protect the eyes throughout the year. The eyes are more sensitive to the sun's rays and ultraviolet light than the skin itself. Therefore, do not hesitate to wear sunglasses purchased in approved establishments, either in summer to go to the beach, or in winter on days when the sky is clearer.


Train your eyes with sport

Sport is very good for general health, but it is also good for visual health. Doing sport or moderate exercise 2 or 3 times a week is another way to ensure the good of our eyes because it keeps the eye cells active. Of course, you have to protect your eyes properly with the right sports glasses.


Do not abuse alcohol

Like tobacco, alcohol also has a clearly negative effect on our bodies, and that does not exclude visual health. In this case, most eye problems are related to the retina, since it can metabolize it very easily.

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