6 Skiing Apparel You Should Really Have

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The last thing you want when you are out in sub-zero temperatures is damp clothes. When you have never gone skiing, it's easy to get caught up in the hype of the exciting adventure that you forget to pack the right outdoor apparel. When you want to enjoy your day on the slopes, having skiing apparel as part of your gear is a must. You will be comfortable and can focus on the day's activities. These are the basics that every skiing enthusiast should have.


1. Ski Jacket

Choosing a ski jacket can be a big deal. There are plenty of options, and it's almost impossible to pick one. However, the best jacket usually has a waterproof coating and is padded to provide insulation against the cold. But it shouldn't be too bulky; a bulkier jacket will be uncomfortable. Remember, you also need a couple of mid layers that go before the jacket. The mid-layer deals with the cold, so they don't have to be waterproof. If you are wearing a heavy jacket, choose a thin, mid-layer. Try everything to ensure they are comfortable before you take them out on the mountain. Buy high-quality gear that will withstand several trips down the slopes.


2. Ski Socks

Like most outdoor activities, you are going to need the right socks. The socks should fit snugly to prevent moving up and down. But they shouldn't be too thick. Thick socks can prevent proper blood circulation. There must be sufficient room to wiggle your toes. Synthetic and wool are usually the best options. Cotton takes forever to dry when it becomes wet, making you uncomfortable the whole time. Don't forget gloves that are specially designed for the cold. Whether you want mitten or fingered gloves is all up to you. Unlike socks, the gloves should be water-resistant.


3. Ski Boots

Knowing the level and type of skiing is critical when choosing your boots. Expert skiers don't choose the same boots as newbies. If it's your first time on the ice, you need greater flex because that means the boot will be more solid. Besides being comfortable, the boot needs to strengthen you as you ski. The toe box needs plenty of room to move. Clunky and cumbersome boots can easily turn a beautiful day into a nightmare. Good traction is important, especially in walk mode. When you don't know where to start, you should consult a boot fitter.


4. Goggles and Helmet

The helmet is not mandatory, but most experts recommend it. Skiing is prone to accidents, just like any other sport. It's better to protect your head; the helmet will also keep your ears and head warmer. Goggles usually shield your eyes from the glare, snow, and wind. If you don't think you can buy them right away, renting is an option. Usually, ski resorts have helmets and goggles for hire when guests need them.


5. Ski Pants

Ski pant is just as crucial as a jacket or boots. The pants should be either water-resistant or waterproof. They keep your inner layers from getting wet and snow from entering the boots. Most of them have added features like convenient pockets. Sometimes rain pants are sufficient; sometimes they aren't, depending on where you are skiing. Having fleece pants underneath can help add insulation. Skiing fleece can come in different shapes and sizes.

Find what fits you and include it in your outdoor clothes. Fleece has proven to be very effective in holding your body temperature and keeping you warm. They are similar to hiking fleece; you can use them if you own a few. When shopping for ski pants, compare different materials. You should also go with a style that complements the whole skiing outfit.


6. Base Layers

Base layers are the clothes that touch your skin. You shouldn't pull anything you find in your closet for the ski trip. Your ordinary t-shirt might be too heavy, which makes layering hard. These clothes should set the base for everything you wear that day. They have to be light and breathable. That will protect you from getting soaked with sweat while active on the slopes. That's why ski base layers are designed to wick moisture.


Final Thoughts

These six items are a must-have for any skier. The right skiing apparel will make the skiing experience worthwhile. Buying these items all at once might be costly. So get a few mid-layers, then keep adding the rest until you have complete skiing gear.

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