7 Evidence That Can Help Your Employment Lawyer Win Your Case

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Are you caught up in an employment dispute that has put your career and financial future at risk? Are you looking for a reliable employment lawyer in Kansas City who can help restore balance to your life by winning the case on your behalf? Whether it be unpaid overtime wages, discrimination, wrongful termination, or any other labor-related issue, having the right pieces of solid evidence in hand can give legal leverage to your attorney.


Employment Lawyer in Kansas City: 7 Pieces of Evidence That Can Help Your Employment Attorney Win Your Case


1. Sworn Affidavits

Sworn affidavits are formal declarations that allow the affiant “ a credible and authoritative person “ to share true information in a verifiable format. To be effective, sworn affidavits must have four parts:

1. A solemn oath by the affiant that attests to honest representation.

2. The body of facts about which the affiant speaks truthfully.

3. An affiant's signature.

4. An official witness who verifies it all.

Being able to produce such powerful evidence is essential in any legal proceeding, but sometimes one is unable call upon such help on their own. An employment lawyer in Kansas City can arrange for sworn affidavits on your behalf with ease.


2. Employment Contract

When it comes to protecting your legal rights, knowing the ins and outs of an employment contract is paramount. When signing on the dotted line of an agreement with an employer, it's critical to check the fine print that isn't always visible at first glance. Some employers use tricky language in their contracts, which can be confusing or downright unfair to employees.

However, with substantial understanding of all the clauses in the contract, your lawyer can argue every detail and ensure that any potential employer trickery is taken care of.


3. Copies of All Emails Between the Employee and Employer

Emails can provide evidence as to what was said, how it was said, and when it was said. It is critical that these emails be restored and preserved, as they may well offer compelling information. Additionally, if an employee does respond through email or digital communications, these replies must be documented, as well.

Examples of critical information that can be found in emails include company policies and procedures, requests for leave of absence or sicknesses, disciplinary action taken against employees, and more.


4. Medical Records

Besides helping your lawyer prove negligence or wrongdoing by the employer, medical records can be your ace card in the fight for justice in many ways. Firstly, presenting medical records aids in accurately documenting the severity of the injury and explaining any residual effects.

Additionally, for cases where financial compensation is required, medical documents can provide critical information on how to calculate the damages and settlement amount you may be owed. Presenting an accurate record of your medical history to your counsel allows them to better understand and serve you on your legal journey.


5. Digital Recordings

Video recordings, photographs, or audio recordings can provide a powerful layer of evidence to support facts being presented as part of the case. Through these recordings, an employment lawyer can capture an in-depth look at an event or conversation.

With carefully documented evidence stored away for possible future use, you can trust that your employment lawyer in Kansas City has the resources necessary to win your case.


6. Evidence Demonstrating œConstructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal is when an employer makes working conditions so intolerable that a reasonable employee would feel compelled to resign. Constructive dismissal is a difficult concept to prove in court, but with compelling evidence from the employee and the help of an experienced employment lawyer, it's possible.

Evidence demonstrating constructive dismissal could include copies of written documentation, unreasonable workloads, or proof of a hostile working environment created by the employer. Visit this link to learn more about lawyers in Kansas City.


7. Pay Records Demonstrating Pay Disparities for Comparable Roles Within a Company

Pay records provide tangible data as proof that professionals who possess similar skill sets or are performing essentially similar duties are not being compensated equally due to reasons other than their job performance. With this information, attorneys can more confidently argue on their client's behalf in cases alleging violations of the Equal Pay Act or other relevant labor statutes, making a much stronger case for damages that may result from such breached laws.

There are many pieces of evidence that your employment attorney in Kansas City can utilize to win your case. From employment contracts and email records to payroll documents and sworn affidavits, the power of having good evidence cannot be underestimated.

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