A Look at 3 of Canadas Most Unique Industries and How to Join In

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Every year, Canada welcomes millions of tourists. Prior to 2020, these numbers soared over 32 million annual visitors—and that's not counting the millions of Canadians who set off to tour their own country. As the world's second-largest country, and also one of its most diverse, the number of annual visitors continues to rise.

One of the biggest attractions is the great outdoors. Canada is known for its rugged beauty and unspoiled regions. In fact, heading into nature is one of the nation's past times and something that locals enjoy doing when the weather permits.

Along with diving into the great outdoors, many tourists also head to cities like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto to enjoy a taste of urban living. However, if you want to dive into a few of Canada's specialties, you'll need to get off the beaten path a bit. You'll also need to learn just a little bit more about the Great White North and its current economy.

Let's dive into three of Canada's most unique industries and how you can get involved during your stay in the country.


Software Entertainment

Software entertainment is a technical term that involves something we all love to do: gaming. Software entertainment covers traditional video games, as well as mobile titles and casino games. The latter is particularly important, as online platforms offer multiple titles, from blackjack to slot to roulette, for remote players.

For Canadians, that emphasis on remote play is incredibly important, as many people live outside city boundaries. Being able to access casino titles on the go is a top priority. But local software entertainment companies aren't just tinkering with their virtual roulette wheels.

Canada is also home to some of the world's biggest gaming developers, from Rockstar Games to Microsoft Studios to Ubisoft. These companies have contributed to some of gaming's most celebrated titles, including the Assassin's Creed franchise, the Need for Speed franchise, to FIFA games from EA Sports and strategy games like Age of Empires IV. 

If you're a gamer and you've heard of the companies and titles above, then pencil in a time to head to Montreal's Video Game Museum or else the Game Changers Travelling Exhibition, which was created by the Canada Science and Technology Museum.


Commercial Fishing

Canada has the world's longest stretch of coastline. From the Pacific Ocean to the Hudson Bay to the Atlantic, Canada's coastlines straddle some of the world's most abundant waters. This has helped make the country's commercial fishing sector incredibly strong.

However, for hobbyist fishers, there's still plenty to dive into—especially if you have a taste for salmon and halibut. If you find yourself on the coastline, then be sure to opt for a guided fishing tour. These are readily available along the coasts, and also include tours like whale-watching.

However, if you're a diehard fisher, then you can also craft your Canadian vacation with fishing in mind. And with massive lakes dotting the country and plenty of rivers, too, there's no need to stick to a coastline. For a fishing-first vacation, target Newfoundland and Labrador. In particular, the Gander River is known for its salmon fishing.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Along with being home to some of the world's top gaming developers and commercial fishing companies, Canada's economy also focuses on aerospace manufacturing. In fact, the country produces supplies for some of the world's top aerospace programs, including those found in the US and China.

Specifically, companies like Airbus and MDA provide crucial industry-leading parts, which cover products like robots, satellite systems, and jet propulsion. These parts are then shipped around the world—which makes Canada incredibly important for international space travel.

 But how can tourists passing through join in on this sort of endeavor? If you're heading to Canada, then you have a few options. The first is to check out public exhibitions from the Canadian Space Agency—some of which are remote and downloadable. Another is to target a private museum in a place like Ottawa, home of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

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