A Taste of Fine Dining at Nammos Dubai

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If you pay attention to exquisite cuisine and lifestyle, then you must have come across Nammos, a renowned global brand when it comes to exotic dishes and meals with electrifying taste-gasm. While I understand that there are many names to a man, Nammos has relentlessly held a position for itself in being exceptional in lifestyle and fine dining.

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What makes Nammos Dubai exceptional?

Nammos has been known for a taste of sumptuous meals that have been enjoyed by paparazzi from popular faces in the entertainment industry. Away from the gram, Nammos has intentionally and consistently been diligent with delivering services that always keep tongues salivating, likewise talking.


Where is Nammos Dubai situated?

Nammos Dubai can be spotted at Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah Beach, on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the heart of Dubai. Head inside after gliding past the very chilly welcome provided by the trio of pursed-lipped hosts.

Quite a popular spot in the Middle Eastern location, Nammos Dubai covers 14 Acres and has more Unrivaled Unique Offerings and Outlets than you could ever imagine. 

The facilities, including the spa, services, and amenities, are exceptional. White linen swaths beckon you to sink into a chair made of white-washed wood and spend the day there. 

Tall windows allow for plenty of natural light, lush greenery adds a splash of color, and well-groomed waiters who are friendlier dart about the restaurant with purpose are just some of the things to spot in case you suddenly wake in the restaurant.


What is the Menu for Nammos Dubai restaurant?

For a provider of first-level means, with pride, the menu is set out with a bread plate and some olive oil. Anyone interested in a 2011 Chateau La Mission at Dhs24,450 a bottle, per the courteous sommelier's expert recommendations from a fantastic list?

The food has a lightness of touch that transports you to the Mediterranean, staying true to its Greek heritage. A traditional, creamy start is the burrata (Dhs149), which is served with four types of tomatoes, avocado, grilled asparagus, and olive oil.

The line-caught fish of the day carpaccio (Dhs129) with sea urchin, seaweed, and finger lime is delectably tart, and the unusual aubergine mille-feuille (Dhs86) is a towering work of art topped with feta cream cheese, and both are available in the raw section.

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What meal can I try at the Nammos Dubai restaurant?

The pasta with shrimp, scallops, and basil pesto (Dhs149) has a firm taste with a subtle nuttiness from the pine nuts and garlic. 

The world-famous Kobe beef (beginning at Dh486/100g) and the fish of the day (up to Dh620/kg), all of which are filleted or cut tableside, are the main courses and are presented on huge platters (for the fresh fish) or wooden boards (for the meat).

In conclusion, if this was never on your list before now, I'll kindly appeal that you should consider this restaurant before this year ends, and then enjoy not just a decent fine taste of a good meal, but you also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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