An Overlooked Party When Determining Truck Accident Liability

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Despite their pivotal role in ensuring the safety and functionality of trucks, it is quite unfortunate that truck mechanics are most likely to be relegated to the shadows during truck accident investigations.

By overlooking these crucial players, the investigating teams tend to unknowingly dismiss their indispensable insights and expertise in unraveling the complexities involved in proving the fault in truck accident cases.

If their firsthand knowledge, maintenance records, and diagnostic reports are examined, it becomes easier to uncover a treasure trove of evidence essential for pinpointing faults and achieving justice.


Main causes of truck accidents

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) report, a total of 523,796 accidents involving large trucks were reported across the United States in 2021. This was about a 26% rise compared to the previous year.

To determine the liable parties in truck accident cases, it is important for both the investigating and the victims’ attorneys to determine the cause of the truck accident. Some of the most common causes of these accidents are:

- Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

- Ignoring or being unaware of the blind spots

- Not following traffic signs and signals

- Driving for long distances without rest

- Poor maintenance of the vehicle

- Limited or lack of training on road use safety for most truck drivers

- Reckless driving


Determining truck accident liability

One of the first steps in ensuring a comprehensive recovery from a truck accident is the determination of liability. This involves a thorough investigation into various truck accident-related factors, such as

- Driver behavior

- Compliance with traffic regulations

- Road conditions

- Vehicle maintenance history

Since vehicle maintenance records influence determining the actual cause of the accident, a truck accident lawyer may leverage the expertise and evidence provided by a truck mechanic to determine the fault.

By collaborating with mechanics, lawyers can gather insights into the truck's maintenance records, potential mechanical issues, and the condition of critical components like brakes and tires. This collaboration allows lawyers to build a strong case by demonstrating how negligence or improper maintenance could have contributed to the accident, thereby proving fault and securing rightful compensation for the victims.


Benefits of having a truck accident lawyer

Facing the complex and skilled legal teams of the major trucking companies alone can be daunting. To level the playing field, you may need truck accident lawyers. These legal professionals possess the expertise to analyze all evidence meticulously, including mechanic reports, to accurately determine fault.

By leveraging this evidence, they construct a solid case that highlights negligence or improper maintenance, ensuring rightful compensation for their victims. Importantly, these truck accident lawyers often operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning clients pay only if they win the case. This makes legal representation accessible without upfront costs. With their specialized knowledge and dedication to securing equitable compensation, truck accident lawyers offer invaluable support to individuals navigating the complexities of truck accident claims, ensuring justice is served.



Through their expertise, mechanics emerge as unsung heroes in the pursuit of truth and accountability on our highways. By collaborating closely with truck accident lawyers and other investigating teams, mechanics provide invaluable expertise and evidence essential for establishing fault and securing fair compensation for victims.

Through meticulous analysis of maintenance records and vehicle conditions, your truck accident attorney can construct a compelling case against the trucking company, ensuring justice prevails.

With their dedication to client success and contingency fee structures, truck accident lawyers offer accessible legal representation, leveling the playing field against formidable opposition. These lawyers work tirelessly to navigate the complexities of truck accident claims, bringing closure and accountability to those affected by these devastating incidents.

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