Everything You Need to Know About Booking Music for Your Wedding

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Your wedding is one of the most important parties of your life. While your relationship before and after your marriage shouldn’t change that much, a wedding is your big chance to celebrate your relationship with the people you love most. It’s also a great excuse to go all out on a big bash you won’t get to do often in your lifetime.

When it comes to setting the atmosphere, music is your secret weapon. Great music can make or break any event, but it doesn’t have to break the bank in the process. You’ll have many key options to choose from, so use this guide to help you understand your options and how to book the right choice for you:


Types of Musicians You Can Book For Your Wedding

When it comes to music, you have three fundamental options:


Speaker Setup

If you’re on a very strict setup, then having a speaker setup is a must. Good quality speakers spread around the room that can be easily linked up to a phone or laptop are a good compromise for budget events since you’ll be able to put together your own playlist and benefit from the quality sound.



The next step up is to hire a DJ. Doing this essentially means hiring the sound setup and someone to play music and select it based on the event and the mood of the crowd. It’s a far better alternative than just leaving your playlist on shuffle since you’ll have the DJ on site to remix the song order and blend them together so that your party is always roaring.


Live Band

If you want your day to feel truly special, then a live band is a must. While yes, a live band will be a bit more pricey than the other option, there’s something magical about hearing live music up close and in person. There are many bands to choose from, with most covering top songs, so you can get the best of all your favorite artists sung live for your special day.


Types of Music You Can Book

You can put on any music you want for your big day. You can even mix and match and, for example, play classical music at the cocktail hour and then jazz for the dancing. Switch it up and have fun with rock and roll or country music. While it’s ultimately your choice, when it comes to hiring live bands, you’ll find that these are the most popular genres that artists specialize in:



Classical music is an elegant and timeless option for weddings. From the grandeur of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” to the romantic strains of Pachelbel’s “Canon in D,” classical music provides a sophisticated and traditional soundtrack for your ceremony and reception. Classical music can be performed by live musicians, such as a string quartet or a solo pianist, or you can opt for pre-recorded versions of your favorite pieces.



If you’re looking for a sophisticated and lively vibe, jazz music is a great option. Jazz is a versatile genre that can provide the perfect backdrop for cocktail hour or dinner, as well as get your guests on the dance floor later in the evening. From the smooth sounds of Frank Sinatra to the upbeat rhythms of Louis Armstrong, jazz offers a wide range of styles and moods to choose from, making it ideal for themes that are indulgent and elegant.



If you’re a fan of country music, it can be a great option for your wedding. From romantic ballads to upbeat line dances, country music offers a range of styles and moods that can create a fun and memorable wedding experience – especially for barn or country-themed weddings.



Traditional music is a great way to bring your heritage into your event. Music truly sets the scene, and it can be a great highlight or even a way to mix traditional with modern. You’d be surprised at how many musicians are out there who have revamped and updated traditional sounds into something fun and modern, allowing you to enjoy a mix of notes that’ll really help seal the deal.


If You Want Something Different, Don’t Give Up

The fact is, any musical genre can be a good fit for your wedding. If you have a specific song, artist, or genre you want, then put together a playlist. If you’re just renting out sound equipment, you’re done. Otherwise, give that playlist to a DJ, or use it to help find a live band that is happy to recreate those sounds or songs for your big day.


Tips for Booking Music for Your Wedding

When it comes to booking a sound system, your options are relatively straightforward. Booking a DJ or live band, however, requires a few more steps. You will, after all, need to be able to work with the band happily, so they know what to expect, the timings for things, and also any special requests you may have. Some of the best are very popular, so you’ll need to start early and use these tips:


1. Start the Search Early 

It’s important to start booking your wedding music as early as possible. Many popular wedding bands and DJs are booked months or even years in advance, so you want to make sure you have plenty of time to find the right music for your special day. Begin your search at least six months before the wedding.


2. Work out Your Budget

Before you start booking any musicians or DJs, you need to determine your budget. Keep in mind that live musicians can be more expensive than a DJ. You’ll also need to factor in any additional costs, such as equipment rentals, travel expenses, or accommodations, if your band or DJ is coming from out of town.


3. Narrow Down the Type of Music You’ll Want

Decide on the type of music you want for your wedding. If you’re having a traditional wedding, you may want to consider classical music for the ceremony and cocktail hour. If you’re having a more modern wedding, you may want to consider a band or DJ that can play a mix of popular songs and classics that will get your guests dancing.


4. Find and Compare Artists

Do your research and compare different musicians and DJs. For an all-in-one destination, start with a well-established entertainment agency. You’ll want one that not only has plenty of artists to choose from but also has the security you’ll want to help ensure that you’re paying for a real service and that you’ll get what you pay for. To help you narrow down what you’re looking for, always make sure to check off the genres, instruments, and package options you want. From there, you’ll be able to see reviews, listen to snippets of their work, see how much they cost, and where they’re located. Many artists often come with their own setlist, but if you don’t see a song you want on there, there’s no harm in getting in touch to see what can be done. After all, a live band will need to practice the song before coming to your event.


5. Schedule a Meeting (Or Call)

Meet with potential performers in person or over video chat to get a better feel for the people involved, their personalities, and, most importantly, their professionalism. Ask them about their experience playing weddings and their availability on your wedding date. You can also discuss any specific requests or preferences you have for the music. If there’s a special song you want to be played during your first dance, for example, but it’s not likely to be on their set list, then this call is a good time to let them know. If they won’t learn the song for you, then they aren’t a good fit, and you’ll need to move on.


6. Book ASAP

Once you have found the right musicians or DJ for your wedding, book them as soon as possible. You should also confirm all the details, including the timing, setlist, and any special requests, in writing. You’ll want to have a clear understanding of their setup requirements and any additional costs. You’ll also have protections in case there’s an issue. This is the same as if you book any service. Having everything in writing is key, so if you agree to something in a phone call, write back with a summary in an email for records.


7. How to Enjoy Your Special Day

Finally, enjoy your special day! Let your musicians or DJ take care of the music while you focus on enjoying your wedding with your loved ones. At most, have someone in your family or a wedding planner prepared with all the contact details for your vendors, so they can check in and make sure everyone is on board and there are no hiccups. This way, you can enjoy your day with some great music, people you love, and your new life partner.

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