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1) myHQ Digest

This is a blog run by myHQ that welcomes guest authors to publish articles on topics such as entrepreneurship, digital marketing, freelancing, and coworking spaces in India. Check out this digest to learn about a variety of current events and hot issues.


2) YourStory

This blog provides news, studies, and research reports and is known as the leading media organization for startups, entrepreneurs, and game-changers of all kinds. This platform, which was founded by Shradha Sharma and has a global Alexa ranking of 7,280, is extremely popular among young people.

To be a guest poster on YourStory, you must submit polished posts that are similar to those currently on the platform.


3) Youth Ki Awaaz

A website that covers all current and hot topics, with a focus on opinionated writings on topics ranging from politics to diversity in the country. It's for and by the youth, as the name implies, and it's currently ranked 39, 693 on Alexa's global charts.

If you need to submit a guest post to this site, your stories must be well-written and candid, and they must carry a strong message.


4) ShoutMeLoud

This is a blog that screams "blogging allows you to be your own boss!" Doesn't it sound intriguing? There are over 735 bloggers who have contributed one or more guest posts to the site.

It acquaints its writers with the intricacies of WordPress, SEO, Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, and other topics. They have a total of 978,00+ subscribers on their website and an Alexa rating of 21, 168.



It is a one-stop educational community. EduGorilla has over 120, 000 monthly visitors and over 500,00 subscribers. It seeks contributions from creative and original writers, ideally within the education area, and is one of the top free guest posting platforms. This site has an Alexa ranking of 31, 121.


6) OutBrain

It is known as the world's first content marketing platform and helps over 1 million people discover information, services, and goods. It is one of the highest-rated free guest posting sites.

It is a digital advertising platform that contains sponsored content in order to generate income. The same has an Alexa ranking of 128.


7) The Huffington Post

It is a news and commentary website that serves both India and the United States, and it covers a wide range of topics including politics, news, satirical blogs, technology, media, women's concerns, and more. It was founded in 2005 and has a global Alexa rating of 152. It has even received a Pulitzer Prize.

Everyone from small independent bloggers to celebrities and award-winning journalists is welcome to participate in their guest posting program.


8) Miska

Authors and publishers can post their guest posts with backlinks on, which is one of the most prominent free guest posting services. The website has a Health, Technology, Business, and Education focus with good worldwide traffic, which aids authors in ranking their keywords and traffic. In a single click, authors, businesses, and publishers can share their articles with a relevant niche. You are always welcome to publish your work if you are an author or publisher.


9) HubSpot

It is now the mecca for digital marketers and content creators, as well as one of the top free guest posting services available. HubSpot is a sales and inbound marketing platform that helps companies generate traffic, convert leads, and generate money.

Email, Sales & Marketing, Content marketing, SEO, Web Design, and Business are among the major themes of the site, which has an Alexa score of 519.


10) Mashable

Pete Cashmore launched Mashable in 2005 as a multinational multimedia and technology enterprise. It is one of the most popular current trending websites, with 45 million users and a global Alexa ranking of 521. It even republished content, and its main focus is on niches such as entertainment technology and digital culture.


11) Investopedia

It is a location where people can get answers to their financial questions. It has an overall grade of 803 and offers financial data to students, financial professionals, investors, and consumers.

You must first fill out an Investopedia contract form in order to write as a guest poster/blogger on the same. You must also be exceptionally informed and comprehensive in the field of business and finance in order to be accepted.


12) Moz

Moz is a company that creates tools to measure, monitor, and analyze a website's SEO. It was founded in 2004. It also helps people with content marketing, link development, social networking, and inbound marketing. Send your applications to if you'd like to be a guest blogger for Moz, one of the greatest free guest posting sites.


13) Thought Catalog

This is an online youth culture journal that features a wide range of stories on love, loss, self-improvement, success, failure, and life in general.

They have a global rating of 2,525 and allow reposted content. Every person has their own set of experiences, and there is no better place to share them than on ThoughtCatalog.


14) Adsy

Adsy brings together top publishers and buyers to help them achieve new heights in their businesses. Choose suitable publishers and place an order for a blog article, or write your own. Both buyers and publishers will benefit from it. Sign up to improve your rankings and brand visibility, or to be compensated for putting material on your site.

Adsy also gives new users a $10 welcome incentive.


15) Reverb Time Magazine

Have you been looking for a high-ranking website where you might submit a guest post? If so, write for us @ reverbtimemag, the best option. is a reliable platform for you to contribute your information, advice, expertise, and learning in the form of articles. Accepting articles from Start-up Funding to Gardening, Lifestyle, Home Improvement, Fashion, Car, Travel, and CBD Guest Posts. Writing is a fantastic opportunity to tell and own your narrative. Please send your guest article to

To make and publish your guest post as a contributing writer here, all you need to be is a passionate writer and follow the criteria provided and submit content.

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