Gift Ideas to Fuel any Travel Lovers Wanderlust

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Recent world events have left many fans of travel scrambling to get back on the road no matter what! If you have a friend who is suffering from itchy feet and excited for a journey, treat them to something fun while they look for the best price on their next flight.


Start With Food

If your loved one is missing Europe, send them top notch milk chocolate from Austria or some Saskatoon berry syrup from Canada. Your bestie may be longing to fill up their passport, but if it isn't going to happen, they can make some pancakes and dream a bit.

You could also treat yourself to a daily reminder of your current travel dream. Review Hawaiian gifts online and order a pound of coffee (or more) to enjoy every morning until you get your flight booked. Sometimes we need a push, yes?

If India has long been a goal, you need to order and share a collection of teas.


Next, Gems & Jewellery

If you are longing to get to the Perth Pearl Festival, send your favourite travel partner just one pearl. If you get the chance to go to Arkansas alone, send your loved ones a raw gem from Mount Ida. Be prepared to do a fair bit of hiking and a bit of sifting to come up with these wonderful gems to share.

You may be longing to get to New Zealand. If you and your travel buddy are saving both your pennies and your vacation time for a visit to this remarkable land, send them a pounamu to help both of you maintain focus.


Don't Forget Clothing & Accessories

Dying to get to Spain with your partner? Get your lady a Spanish fan. Get your fellow a gilet jacket or a silk pocket square. These small gifts don't have to cost a great deal, but they can do a great deal to keep you focused on your goal. For example, you may have decided not to share gifts at the holidays because you're saving for your trip. A paper fan for your partner will give them a bit of a treat and still celebrate the season.

If budget isn't a worry and you really want to surprise your partner with a fun trip, invest in something seasonal. Treat them to an Icelandic sweater or a warm, handmade shawl with tickets for a cruise to Alaska. If you want to go a bit further out, book that cruise out of Norway and sail to the Arctic Circle.



A hat gift can be obvious or make the recipient wonder. For example, if you give them a beret they will have a good idea that you're headed for France. However, what if you gave them a conical hat? It could mean a trip to Japan. It could also mean a trip to Vietnam. A colourful conical hat could mean a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Make sure you put tickets or a travel brochure inside the hat.

If you or your travel buddy are of Scottish descent, consider a pair of matching Tam

O' Shanters. Do your best to get the colours and the plaid right. If you don't have a tartan between you, invest in a team made of yarn to share your exciting travel adventure.



Do invest in a guidebook for both of you. A book of useful phrases could also be helpful. Don't rely just on electronic translation services; you don't want to get off the beaten path and have no way to ask someone to watch your suitcase while you look for the rest room.

Maybe it's time to get a little hygge with your favourite traveling clan. Whet their appetite over the holidays to get folks talking about a destination. Once you have the seed planted, have an honest conversation about what it will take. From this, you can judge how keen their interest is.



If you have the travel but, shaking it is almost impossible. Many of us climbed the wall for about a year. It's time to get back into the world. If you're a solo traveler, get the gifts listed above just for you!

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