Hiring and Managing Digital Marketing Professionals for Your Law Firm

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The benefits of hiring digital marketing professionals for your law firm can never be overstated, but finding the right ones is an uphill battle. Most people search for a law firm online, which means it's time to pay attention to your online visibility.

Your law firm needs a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in a world of fierce competition. Whether you lack resources or time to take a DIY approach to perform digital marketing for your law firm or want to attain quick outcomes, hiring digital marketing professionals is imperative. Equally important is finding the right professionals for your law firm

Let's walk through some important considerations for hiring and managing digital marketing professionals to drive traffic to your law firm's website.


In-House Digital Marketing Team or an Agency?

Is your website not generating enough leads or having low conversion rates? You might be doing it wrong. Digital marketing professionals leverage their expertise and skillset to identify your law firm's website mistakes and formulate a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your law firm.

Digital marketing professionals are must-haves; you know that! Right? But who'll get the privilege to take on this role? You can hire in-house digital marketing professionals and an agency for your law firm.

However, before taking your first move! Know that expecting a single person or two to handle the stack of marketing efforts is a no-brainer. No matter how skilled a digital marketing expert is, they do not have enough hands or hours to complete everything.

If your law firm is in the nascent stages, a person wearing multiple hats might handle your marketing campaign, but as your firm grows and competition increases, jack-of-all-trades won't be able to cut it.

Digital marketing requires a comprehensive approach to boost your website ranking and increase your revenue generation. Your selected digital marketing expert might not be a great technical SEO expert, or maybe, he lacks link-building specialization, and so on.

On the contrary, a digital marketing agency contains a pool of great talent, where all sorts of industry-leading experts get under one roof and deliver high-quality marketing services for your law firm. However, what matters, in the end, is your law firm's needs. Whether you want to create your marketing team or hire a digital marketing agency, this guide will help you.


Hiring In-House Marketing Professionals

For your in-house marketing team, a full-stack marketer is essential. Such professionals have an experience in virtually every field of marketing. Despite specializing in a single domain, they focus on clients and outcomes.

They have a wide range of skill sets, making them effective for the digital marketing of your law firm. They often have core digital marketing skills, such as

- Marketing planning

- Media Buying

- Content strategy development

- Email marketing


- Storytelling

- Technical SEO and link building

- Social media management

- Conversion optimization

- Analytics and metrics


How Your Digital Marketing Team Should Look Like?

As you build your digital marketing team, you should focus on three key roles to managing your team better; these are

- Content Team

- Acquisition Team

- Monetization Team

There is no rule of thumb on how many marketing professionals should be included in your team. It depends on your budget and the law firm's needs. However, as mentioned earlier, you should hire one professional from each area.


The Content Team

The individuals in this team will create, source, and manage all of your content. It includes blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, content curation, social content, white papers, etc. this content is the first interaction between your prospects and the firm, so carefully handpick the individuals for this team


The Acquisition Team

This team focuses on the acquisition of customers using the lead generation and acquisition strategy. You should have people managing the organic and paid traffic campaigns as well as monitoring analytics and tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Attention to analytics and performance indicators is essential as they save time by avoiding unnecessary marketing. The acquisition team will help create a constant flow of new customers.


The Monetization Team

Whatever you do, you aim to generate money for your law firm. The monetization team not only focuses on generating money but also creates a plan to drive the success of your law firm.

Your team will improve email marketing strategies for better click-through rates, optimize conversions via split testing, etc. For this part of your digital marketing team, hire marketers specializing in analytics, email marketing, video marketing, etc.

Where to find your digital marketing Professionals?

There are plenty of ways to find your dream marketing experts for your law firm, such as

- Post your job on social media platforms

- Try specialized job boards

- Run paid job ads

- Get referrals  


Hiring Digital Marketing Agency

Opting for a digital marketing agency is a one-stop solution for all your law firm's marketing needs. The agency helps boost your online visibility, drive legal traffic to your firm's site, and increase your credibility.

It takes a tactical and strategic approach to market your firm and leverages experienced professionals to attain your firm's revenue goals. You should hire an agency carefully to capture leads and grow your firm. Here is what to look for in a digital marketing agency.


Hire Industry Experts

When searching for a digital marketing agency for your law firm, you should ensure the agency specializes in legal SEO and marketing. An agency specializing in legal marketing is the best bet to create a top-to-bottom marketing strategy for your law firm. Visit their website and testimonials, and ask legal-specific questions before deciding.


Look for Capabilities and Commitment

Leave no stones unturned while looking for an agency to truly reap the benefits of digital marketing for your law firm. It is wise to interview multiple options and read case studies and supporting data to decide if the agency is worth your try.

The company must have an established reputation and a history of previous successful projects. Moreover, decide your specific goals and assess whether the agency is capable enough to meet your goals.


Inquire about Offered Services

It is also important to ask about marketing agencies' services to law firms. Some focus on paid search campaigns, while others utilize SEO best practices to drive organic traffic or offer a full suite of digital marketing services.

Though you can decide on services based on your budget, it is always great to opt for an agency that offers all services, from search engines to social media marketing.


Bottom Line

Digital marketing is vital for your law firm to keep pace with rapidly evolving marketing trends. For your law firm marketing, you can expect your paralegals to handle your SEO and marketing tasks.  

Therefore, you need digital marketing experts, either in the form of an in-house marketing team or a marketing agency specialized in legal marketing.

A qualified marketing agency contains a wealth of talent in the form of skilled marketing professionals working together to make your goals a reality. A marketing professional, on the other hand, can't excel in all areas of marketing, and creating your marketing team might hurt your budget.

Your law firm's marketing needs to hold the utmost importance, so hire professionals who commit to meeting your goals, from finding prospects to turning them into your customers.

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