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Do you think that blockchain is just limited to cryptocurrencies? If so, you are absolutely wrong. Blockchain is a trendy technology that is not only associated with the crypto market & the infrastructure related to it, including- trading platforms, crypto wallets, live games, and other crypto applications but also has a greater impact on the entire world. As per the Grand View Research report, the global blockchain technology market is to grow to $394.60 billion by 2028, projecting a CAGR of 82.4% between 2021 and 2028.

Let's dive in to focus on the costs of developing various blockchain applications that include the complete blockchain development costs, namely- rates of blockchain developers, the cost of creating a cryptocurrency, the cost to develop a crypto wallet, and many more. If you are interested in making blockchain applications and want to have the answer to a widespread question regarding the cost of developing a blockchain app, you've to take a closer look¦..



It's not a simple task to explain the cost of hiring a blockchain developer straight away. Both blockchain & cryptocurrencies are in their infancy, so it's quite the hardest task to search for the appropriate professionals who can deliver you high-end products in time.

According to, the hourly rates that the developers charge is of two types, namely- average hourly rates and median hourly rates. The range of average hourly rates is from $81 up to $100; on the contrary, the range of median hourly rates is from $61 up to $80.

Do you know the greatest mode of cutting the cost of blockchain implementation & development cost? You can use nearshore or offshore software development services. This procedure is also known as software outsourcing. There are so many companies that have development offices to provide you with credible and relevant data related to blockchain development costs. During the process of outsourcing software development, it's possible for you to hire a remote development team with both a tester & a project manager. This way, you can acquire neat code and hire a blockchain developer at very lower hourly rates.



Presently, all have over 2000 cryptocurrencies, so it's quite simple for you to create a token that can stand out from the crowd. It's difficult for individuals to trust the newest form of money, namely cryptocurrency because the entire crypto industry is full of scams. This way, it'll take more time and effort to convince the people that the new crypto coin is a worthwhile investment. Let's move ahead to know the entire procedure of the creation of the cryptocurrency and have the overall estimates. 


Below are a few aspects that are must for you to take into Consideration:-

- Search the team of experts

- Make & sell the crypto-coin

- Make the coins legitimate

For launching a coin on the market more successfully, it's essential to have a team of experts, including- advisors in marketing, cybersecurity specialists, software developers, PR managers, and so on. They'll assist you in searching for investors to provide credibility to your project of developing blockchain applications. Besides, it's a must for you to find such an advisor in cryptocurrencies who can guide you through the market and interact with the targeted customers.

If you want to cater to the requirements of your target audience, disclose your competitive edge, communicate your major advantages, and require a marketing advisor for planning your marketing activities, you've to know the way to promote new cryptocurrency and earn profit. Additionally, to proceed to the blockchain network development, you've to wait at least a month so that the developers can form the marketing strategy & network from scratch with top-notch technology. There is an estimation given by various technical experts regarding the cost that will range from $15,000 up to $50,000.

Do you want to make your cryptocurrency legal? It's the most critical moment that nowadays, the well-prominent cryptocurrencies, namely- Bitcoin & Ethereum, are facing tough regulation problems worldwide. This way, for each blockchain product, it's necessary to have a legitimate advisor. Ultimately, to create a new cryptocurrency, you've to spend approximately $150,000-$200,000 without any kind of marketing expenses.



"How much will it cost you to develop a crypto wallet?" is also a significant FAQ-frequently asked question. Precisely saying, a cryptocurrency wallet is a digital application that is like a real wallet and is possible for you to use for storing, sending, and receiving digital currencies securely. Almost all cryptocurrencies mean coins have official wallet applications or a few recommended third-party wallets. In simple terms, if you want to use any cryptocurrency, you'll have to use a cryptocurrency wallet. So let's have a discussion regarding the development price of a custom crypto wallet.

Usually, there are three kinds of platforms, namely- Android, iOS, and Web, that you can use for building applications. It's in your hands to reduce the cost of developing a crypto wallet if you utilize cross-platform technologies, namely JavaScript & its frameworks. But, still, you've to do a considerable amount of work if you have got the will to make a deduction in the costs of the development of a crypto wallet.

For building a crypto wallet at a minimum cost, it's essential for you to work on both mobile devices or the web and the server side with the REST API. Another option is to construct standalone apps, familiarize yourself with the advantages or disadvantages of every approach, and construct a devoted team consisting of- various senior developers, a project manager, a business analyst, and a QA engineer. Furthermore, the establishment of a crypto wallet also involves MVP-minimum viable product that supports the three key cryptocurrencies, namely, and will cost you near about $40,000.


4. Size of the Agency

The size of the agency you select to work with is one of the major cost drivers for blockchain application development. You must work with an agency specialized in blockchain app development or with one of the most generalized organizations. Generally, there are three types of organizations available in the market, including-


Small Cap Agencies:-

These agencies are new to the industry and don't have much expertise. They have around 50 blockchain developers who charge lower rates compared to the other agencies. But, there is an issue with working with these agencies is that they are unable to handle your project if it's very complex and big.

The benefit of working with small agencies is that they make blockchain apps more quickly and efficiently than other companies. They are also more flexible regarding changes and offer you higher customer service. 


Medium Size Blockchain App Development Agencies:-

These companies have a team of 500-1000 blockchain experts who are well-experienced in the field and able to provide you with quality services. Compared to small-cap agencies, these companies charge high rates for developing a blockchain app. 

Large Size Companies:-

These companies have a team of 1000+ blockchain developers who have extensive experience in the field to handle large projects more effectively. They charge higher rates for their services than small-cap agencies and medium size companies. Additionally, large companies have more resources available to handle larger projects. They are also able to offer you a lower price per hour of work.


5. Company You Are Developing A Blockchain App

The cost of creating a blockchain application depends on the industry which you are targeting. For instance, if you are going to build a blockchain app for the banking sector, it'll cost you more compared to creating a blockchain app for the healthcare sector. It's because the banking sector is more complex than the healthcare sector and also requires more security.

Similarly, if you have the desire to develop a blockchain app for the supply chain management industry, it'll cost you more compared to developing a blockchain app for the retail sector. It happens because supply chain management is more complicated than the retail industry. Here is the cost estimation of a few industries:

- Healthcare: $55k “ 100k+

- On-demand: $40k “ 80k

- Social Media: $45k “ 100k+

- Public Sector: $70k “ 100k+

- Finance Sector: $60k “ 100k+


6. The complexity of the blockchain application

Blockchain apps' complexity is one of the most significant factors that impact the cost of the development of blockchain apps. The more heterogeneous the app, the more costly for you to develop it. It's because more complex apps require more time as well as more resources to develop these apps. Below are a few key factors that define the complexity of blockchain mobile applications namely:

- Data Structures

- Cryptography

- Consensus Mechanisms

- Platform


7. Blockchain App Services

The requirement for blockchain app services also impacts the development cost of blockchain applications. Here are a few well-recognized blockchain app development services that impact the overall cost of developing a blockchain application:

- ICO Development: Initial coin offerings (ICOs)

- Smart Contract Development

- Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

- Wallet Development


Upon Consideration,

In 2022, blockchain app development will be the most profitable decision. Blockchain applications are the best, as they are also known as online investment applications, currency exchange apps, and trading apps; they consist of blockchain capabilities to deliver you the most trustworthy services, including- instant & secure money transactions, accessibility to the account anytime or anywhere, transparency, and personalization.

If you have made up your mind to invest in Blockchain apps, hiring a well-proficient blockchain app development services is the greatest decision in 2023. This company will enable you to access not only banks but also various financial companies to access a wide range of audiences. 

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