Ways to Be Creative When You Personalize Your Baby Blanket

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The birth of a child is a momentous event and many parents would like to honor the event of welcoming their newborn with custom items. A baby blanket is one of those nursery basics. Personalized baby blanket options, give a unique and special item that often becomes a treasured gift. No matter your experience level, or even if you are on the hunt for some easy ways to add personality to your blanket, this list of ways you can get those creative juices flowing to create a beautiful, personalized blanket for your little one.


Embroider Their Name

Embroidery is the most popular way of personalizing a blanket for a baby. Uploading your baby's name, initials or a sweet note will add that special touch of personalization. If you are good with needles, you can also embroider. Pick a tread color that goes with the blanket and stitch the name or message to a corner. You could do the same with your soft baby blankets with name, a professional embroiderer will give more professional finish.


Add Appliqués

Pieces of fabric are stitched onto the blanket to form patterns or designs. It can even be in the form of animals, flowers, or stars, anything that can make the cover look playful and colorful. Select appliqués that match your baby's nursery theme or your style. Embroidered appliques or cut shapes from fabric scraps are some popular options. If they are cut, make sure to stitch the edges of the blanket for longevity.


Use Fabric Paints

This is a fun way to personalize a baby blanket using fabric paints. You can write your baby's name, his handprints, or something you prefer. Choose for baby-safe non-toxic fabric paints. Stencil-specific shapes or go for a freehand design to add a personal touch. Allow the paint to dry completely and then follow the instructions on your paint to set the design.


Add Ribbon Trim

With a ribbon trim if you want to finish the edge of a baby blanket with a ribbon trim. You can choose from different colors and patterns to suit the blanket. Using the measuring tape to measure the circumference of the blanket, you will cut then the ribbon to the measured length. Use pins to ribbon in place and hand-sew, or use a sewing machine, to sew the ribbon around the edges. Simply sew the ribbon on using a heavy-duty straight stitch.


Create a Patchwork Design

A patchwork blanket made of pieces of different fabric can be a work of art. Fabrics with various hues, designs, and textures can be used. Follow the pattern when adding the pieces together in raw squares or rectangles to form raw rows. Sew all your pieces together, and you have a lovely finished blanket. Add a backing fabric to complete the blanket. The beauty of this will be done using any design and colors.


Attaching Soft Toys

For room decor, choose soft toys that are safe for baby play and can be cleaned off easily. Stitch on the blanket as securely and there will be nothing that can come off and pose a choking hazard.

Personalizing a soft baby blankets with name is the best way to create a smooth feeling to your child will hang on to forever. In this way you can prepare your personalized, best, fluffy blanket and your baby will enjoy it!

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