How to Get a Career in Online Gaming

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When it comes to careers, there are more differing paths to take than ever before. It would be impossible to even imagine some of the job roles that exist today in years past, with many more options to pick from.

But one of the top industries that's creating a seemingly infinite number of jobs and careers is in online gaming. Revenue from online games is expected to reach US $26.14 billion in 2023; a number that seems to be growing year by year with casino websites looking to find ways of attracting users with bingo related skills to online titles and more continuing to proliferate.

That means that more people are being hired for jobs in online gaming as the industry grows β€œ with new skill sets being required to keep investment in the space and keep up with the growing demand from consumers.

If you're looking to get a career in online gaming, here's a great guide.


Getting started

In the US and UK alone, there are thousands of people employed by the online gaming industry. It's a huge industry with many benefits for its employees, which can vary depending on whether you're a small or large studio.

As online gaming is a relatively new industry, working in gaming means that it's likely you'll be in a less than traditional working environment, with many studios embracing remote or hybrid styles of working. But don't expect things to be easy: online gaming is a saturated marketplace which means that publishers and developers are always working hard to stay competitive and create the best online games out there.

Careers in online gaming have been known to be fast-paced and high pressure, using the latest tech to create some of the most exciting experiences for players around the world. Whether it's casino games like bingo or console titles taking an online format, the industry hires the best out there β€œ which can come with some rewards in terms of great salaries, benefits and bonuses dependent on work performance.


A new career path?

Whether you're an avid gamer or decided on this career path years ago, here's some tips to getting into an online gaming career β€œ and thriving in the industry!


Need a degree?

Back in the day, it seemed that a degree was a prerequisite to many professional careers. But with online gaming, that might not be the case.
Being that gaming is still a relatively new industry compared to others, many of the biggest businesses began with people who learnt how to code at home. Of course, going to university to obtain undergraduate qualifications can definitely help you to stand out and show off some solid credentials. Whatever you decide, do your research and ensure that a degree is right for you.


When it comes to qualifications, look for programming

Learning programming skills are some of the most required skills when it comes to getting hired in the online gaming industry. It's important to build up these skills and feel confident with them and feel at ease should you get hired.
Remember you don't need to be an expert right away. But apply for the jobs that you're most qualified for.


Create an online profile

Think of it as your online CV. Having an online portfolio that can showcase your work is a must have these days. Whether it's a multi paged website or just a landing page with an electronic document organiser, you need a link that will help employers quickly review your work and see what you're capable of. It's evidence of why they should hire you and what you can offer as an employee at their studio or company.


Decide what size of company would suit you

There are lots of benefits and cons when it comes to choosing a small company to work for or vice versa. Large companies frequently offer benefits like job security, the ability to climb the ranks and brand names that look great on a resume or CV.
With smaller companies, you may get some more flexibility and the ability to have further input or creative control when it comes to projects. It's worth checking out websites like Glassdoor to get a sense of what a company is like before applying.


Have a good attitude

Like any industry, it's valuable to employers to hire people with a good attitude that can take on challenges with a positive outlook. Being friendly, confident and optimistic are all great qualities to have in the online gaming industry. So, bring your best side to an interview and to work every day after!

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