How to Share Airtime on Airtel

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Imagine having a friend or loved one in a difficult situation and having enough data and credit to share but not knowing how to go about it; you and I both know how difficult that can be.

Today's how to lesson will cover how you can transfer airtime or data from your Airtel number to another line at your leisure. You are wasting your money if you purchase a recharge card without receiving anything in return.


How to Share Airtime and Data on Airtel

Airtel launched the ME2U and Data share features to meet the needs of its numerous Nigerian customers.


In summary, ME2U and data share enable all network subscribers to share their credit (airtime or data) with family and friends via a simple code.

*432# is the USSD code for transferring credit on Airtel.

However, in order to use this ME2U service, you must meet a few requirements. First, your credit balance must be greater than or equal to the minimum balance you wish to transfer to your friend. By dialing *123#, you can check your current balance.

You can transfer credit to other Airtel customers as well as other networks.

Finally, the ME2U PIN must be activated.


All Airtel lines come with the transfer PIN 1234 by default. And you must change this before you can use the ME2U service.

To change your Airtel ME2U PIN via SMS, follow these steps:

Send a message to 432 that looks like this: PIN 1234 New PIN. That is, if you want to change your PIN from 1234 to, say, 4123, send the message — PIN 1234 4123 — to 432.


How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel lines

On the phone you want to send from, dial *432#.

Choose transfer airtime.

Enter the credit transfer recipient's phone number; enter your PIN; confirm your transaction by selecting option one (1).

Alternatively, to transfer credit on Airtel via SMS, follow these steps: Send a message to 432 with the text 2u [Phone Number] [Amount] [PIN].

To put it another way, if you want to send 500 naira to 08012345678 and your PIN is 4123, send the message 2u 08012345678 500 4123 to 432.


How to Transfer and Gift Data on Airtel

SmartShare is a feature that allows users to transfer data on Airtel Nigeria. It comes in two flavors: Me2u and Gifting.

Subscribers to Me2u can send a certain amount of Megabytes (MB) to their loved ones. That is, if you have 1 Gigabyte of data in your balance, you can choose to send 100 MB to whomever you want.

Gifting, on the other hand, is when you use your data balance to purchase a data plan for your loved ones and friends.


Note that data transfer differs from data sharing, which allows up to 5 people to use the same subscription. To use this feature, you must first change the default PIN, which is 1234. To do so, dial *141# and enter 5. To change your default PIN, follow the instructions there.

To transfer data on Airtel, dial *141#, then choose option 5 (SmartShare) and 3 (Me2u), enter the amount of data you want to transfer, and confirm your transaction.

Airtel charges a fee of 100 naira or 10 MB for transferring MB.


How to Gift Data on Airtel

Dial *141# from your Airtel phone.

Choose "5" (SmartShare) and then "2" (Gifting).

Select the bundle you want to purchase for your friend.

Confirm your purchase.

Depending on your preferences, you can give daily bundles, weekly bundles, monthly bundles, or mega packs to your loved ones.


Now that you know how to transfer credit and share data on Airtel, I want to emphasize one point. Because ME2U transactions are irreversible, you must exercise extreme caution when conducting them. To avoid sending to the wrong number, double-check the number before initiating and confirming transactions.

I guess we did justice to your concerns. You can now transfer airtime, data, and gift data to friends and family members using your Airtel line. Feel free to share this article.

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