How to Use TikTok Ad Library Data to Estimate Product Success

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Ever find a product on TikTok ads library but wonder - is this actually selling well for the advertiser? Unfortunately TikTok doesn't indicate product performance. You'd need sales data from a paid tool.

But by analyzing ad engagement over time, you can logically deduce if a product is likely still actively promoted and successful.

In this post, I'll explain how to interpret TikTok ad data to determine if a product is a current winner or dud. Let's dive in! 

Accessing TikTok Ad Library

First, go to TikTok's ad library at I'll link it below.

Pick an ad to analyze. For demonstration, I'll choose a random humidifier ad. But search for products you're interested in. 

Checking Engagement Data

View the likes, comments, and shares. Check the last 7 days, then compare it to the last 30 and 180 days.

Low engagement for the past 7 and 30 days means the ad likely isn't running anymore recently. 

Ongoing Service Example

For an ad promoting DoorDash, a brand providing an ongoing service, long-running ads build continuous awareness.

But for physical products, ongoing promotion indicates active selling. 

Halted Product Example

This humidifier ad had 138 likes in the past 180 days, but 0 for the past 30 and 7 days.

This signaled some brief past testing that was halted. The product didn't prove successful for that advertiser. 

Seasonal Product Example

A water bottle spray ad followed the same pattern - engagement 180 days ago but none since.

This product is seasonal. It was promoted briefly in summer but halted for winter.

 Successful Product Example

A makeup product ad had high likes the past 7 days and ongoing engagement over 180 days.

This data indicates an actively promoted product that is successfully selling for that advertiser. 

Interpreting the Data

Use the metrics and logic to estimate product performance. It's not 100% accurate but gives you an indication.

No recent engagement means the promoter likely stopped ads due to poor sales. Ongoing high engagement suggests a steady selling product.

Get Creative inspiration from Top Ads

One of the most helpful features of the TikTok Creative Center is the ability to view the most popular advertising on the platform in real-time. 

Top-performing advertising may be searched and filtered by region, sector, and purpose (examples of the latter include video views, product sales, and app installations), as well as by likes, video length, and date of posting. 

Spy on Your Competitors

The TikTok Ad Library makes it simple to view the most popular advertising in your particular business thanks to their clever filters. This allows you to see what the experts are doing and, perhaps, use their tactics to boost the effectiveness of your own advertisements. 

Suppose, for instance, that you are the owner of a beauty company and that your main objective is to persuade American TikTok users to purchase your just introduced product. Simply use the TikTok Ad Library's proper filters.

Compare Your Stats to Other Ads

It's time to stop listening to that self-help podcast because sometimes comparing yourself to others is a good thing. Check your own advertising first using TikTok statistics, and then compare them to the best-performing ads in your niche and area to see how they stack up. 

Be careful not to get distracted by specific metrics (like count) when comparing your brand to other companies. A big company or extremely well-known creator's advertisement will almost always receive more likes than one from a tiny business or micro-influencer.

Find sounds for TikTok commercial use

There are just a few noises that TikTok permits businesses to use in advertisements, or as the platform's official definition of the term "marketing, advertising, sponsorships, endorsements, or publicity" states. We're sorry to be the site to break this to you, but it's an irritating fact. 

usage the Creative Center to get a comprehensive collection of all songs that may be used in advertisements rather than wasting time crafting an advertisement around a song that is not permitted for commercial usage.

Use the best hashtags

The TikTok Creative Center compiles all of the most popular hashtags in one location; to discover them, pick Trends from the top menu, then Hashtags. You may filter by area, industry, and time uploaded, just like music and keywords. 

You can also view the hashtag's target audience's age range, associated hobbies, and the hilarious fact that "nostalgia" is most popular among young people, who presumably have the least to feel nostalgic over. 


In summary, analyzing TikTok ad library engagement over time can help determine if a product is actively selling or not.

Use this data to identify potentially winning products worth testing yourself. Just one more tactics to spy on competitors and maximize sales. 


Q: Does high engagement guarantee a product is selling well?

A: No, but sustained high engagement over time suggests ongoing promotion and success rather than a halted fail. 

Q: What if a brand runs awareness ads that aren't selling products?

A: For brands it's harder to deduce. But for products the patterns clearly show active promotion or abandonment. 

Q: Is this analysis 100% accurate for determining product success?

A: No, it's an estimate based on limited data. But it provides an indication to help gauge product viability. 

Q: What does low engagement early but high recent engagement indicate?

A: That a product is gaining traction after the advertiser optimized the messaging or video creative. Momentum is building. 

Q: How often should I check for updated engagement data?

A: I’d analyze every few days when assessing a product to spot trends early before competition rises.

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