Mobile Games That Build Curiosity In Kids

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Kids spend a lot of their free time playing video games online. It is a good way to relax for them after school and homework sessions. Parents are often concerned about the kind of games preferred by their kids. These games can be filled with gory violence - a veritable nightmare for parents! However, they need not worry too much as there are several free mobile games for kids available today that are the complete opposite of violent games. These games are not just better in their content but offer kids a getaway into a whole new world of imagination that satisfies their innate nature to learn. Children should be encouraged to play these games because of the educational content and skill development potential that these games offer.

Here are some amazing games for children that you should consider playing.


Big Little Farmer: This is a simple yet marvelous game with detailed tutorials and visual design. Players can plant a large number of crops and raise animals too. Big Little Farmer stays true to the farming genre and doesn't try to go all over the place by adding more and more features that don't serve any purpose other than making the game complex. Children can learn all about agriculture and farming activities in this game.


Stardew Valley: This game is a role-playing one where the players are assigned characters that play a significant role throughout the journey of the game. The game is filled with brilliant visuals, relaxing music, an awesome storyline, and interactive tasks like approaching the townsmen, getting married, and so on.


Star Chef 2: This game is one of the popular restaurant management simulation games which is different from your traditional cooking games. It challenges the players to build a restaurant from scratch and serve customers. The game has amazing presentation and good animation apart from a wide range of characters and tasks that keep the players always engaged.


Farmville 3: One of the most popular agriculture games out there, it provides a host of gaming activities that involve growing crops on agricultural land from scratch.


Benefits of playing simulation games



These games keep the children engaged with a  wide variety of in-game features. This captivates the children's attention effectively. More importantly, it gives them real-life knowledge by providing them with relevant information to educate them about different topics.


Breaks monotony

Playing vibrant games enables children to let off some steam from their monotonous routine. No kid wants to be involved in a dull activity. The colorful visage of these games makes the kids forget about their assignments or anything else that they find irritating.


Personality development

There are a lot of pleasant activities in these simulation games which makes kids feel good about themselves. When they can cook a delicious-looking cuisine in the game from the start or can grow a crop on their own they feel euphoric. This builds self-esteem and the kids are bound to turn out as more rounded individuals. Many free mobile games for kids games are designed in a  way that builds every aspect of their personality like public speaking, creative thinking, and leadership abilities.


Problem-solving abilities

From collecting the right elements to grow a crop to managing a tourist attraction by attracting customers or making a gourmet cuisine with mystery ingredients, there is a large scope for children to learn about problem-solving in real life.


Cognitive skills

Certain games help in enhancing the cognitive powers of the brain. They are better able to recognize patterns and figures and the colorful surroundings of the game help build their visual recognition ability. The various challenges encountered during the game make them think critically and implore them to find a solution to any problem. The spatial memory increases with these games which in turn helps in retention. Children are better aware of their surroundings this way.



Certain skills are necessary in life. Cooking, management and leadership are important skills that should be given equal precedence with academic education. Cooking is an essential skill that is necessary for the very survival of human beings. Fortunately, there are several simulation games available nowadays that can help kids learn these important life skills. These games are colorful, interactive, and informative at the same time. Not just that, it tests the creative skills of the children and encourages them to think systematically thus enhancing their problem-solving abilities. These games also build management and leadership skills in them from a plum age without them even realizing as the games allow them to interact with chefs and customers from all over the world which allows them to take initiative.

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