Do You Need Teeth Whitening Treatment? Identify the Causes of Discoloured Teeth!

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Your stained or discoloured teeth may scream for some magic to happen so that they once again become bright and beautiful. While aging can be responsible for this in senior adults, others can face this situation due to certain habits or medical conditions. No matter what, stained teeth can ruin your general impression. You may not feel confident when interacting with others in social or professional settings. All this can weigh too heavily on your mind and make you feel stressed. However, you don't have to think about this anymore because cosmetic dentistry has found an apt solution like teeth whitening.

If you are unaware or have little idea about this, search "10011 teeth whitening procedure” near me, and you will get some excellent suggestions. You can filter the list and fix an appointment with a licensed dentist for guidance. Before this, let's figure out different reasons that cause your teeth to lose their shine and whiteness.



Experts inform that the anatomical properties of the teeth can be inheritable. It has to do with your teeth' growth and enamel thickness. The underlying natural layer of the enamel, which doctors call dentin, tends to be yellow-coloured by default. The colour would reflect differently in different thicknesses of the enamel. For example, thinner enamel can look more yellowish. Some people can have darker teeth by birth than others. Baby's and adult's teeth also vary in colour because of the difference in the density of the dentin. If your parents had darker teeth, there is a high chance for you to be born with a similar type.



When a woman conceives, she may want to eat a particular food and avoid others. Due to this sudden change in the diet, her teeth can become stained because she was not used to this. Plus, pregnancy can expose her to the issue of gag reflex, preventing her from taking proper care of her teeth. If you don't know what the gag reflex is, it's a health condition that gets triggered due to the stimulation of the back of the throat. It's common during pregnancy because the throat becomes pretty sensitive. Since most women suffer from vomiting and nausea at this time, the symptoms of this health condition grow worse. Some believe dodging a few drinks and foods can help them. They can also have chewing gums. Nevertheless, a lack of dental hygiene can cause stains and tartar to form on dental surfaces within a few weeks.



Fluoride is a mineral that different foods and water sources tend to contain. Toothpaste and mouthwashes also use this mineral because it helps prevent tooth decay by making your teeth resistant to acid invasion caused by plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. It can repair early decay before it is visible. However, this mineral is safe and effective when used as directed or in moderation. It can harm more if the water or the soil you use has a higher amount of this mineral or if you overuse a mouthwash that contains this element. Excess addition of this can prove unhealthy for your bones and teeth.

Regardless of your source of consumption, your teeth and bones can suffer structural issues. It can lead to hyperfluorosis, which makes your enamel deformed and pitted. The enamel can also develop brown marks all over the dental surface.


Tooth decay

Black or brown spots on teeth are not always a by-product of cavities. But some people can face this issue as the decay becomes visible through pits and grooves. While this is one symptom, tooth decay can also be evident if you feel pain in a tooth when biting down something. Or, your teeth can be sensitive to some foods or floss. The dentists say that discoloration should be enough to make you see a dentist at the earliest. Otherwise, it can take the form of abscesses.



Chlorinated swimming pools can also be responsible for your teeth' discoloration, especially if you are a regular swimmer. It can affect your enamel. Kids and athletes suffer from teeth staining issues more because of their prolonged exposure to chlorine water. The stains can be visible near the front teeth because of the frequent exposure to the water when you breathe or gasp. However, this type of staining is not as concerning. It's just superficial.


Medicines and supplements

Some prescription drugs and holistic supplements can also cause staining. For example, tetracycline is an antibiotic formulation that many doctors used to recommend often. But they stopped prescribing it after its side effects, such as permanent colour loss of the teeth, became evident. The medicine affected the growing teeth in kids and babies. There are still a few medicines, like chlorhexidine, that also cause temporary staining. The best way to keep your teeth safe from it is to use the dose as directed by your doctor.


Things to deliberate

Teeth whitening treatments can get you rid of discoloration issues. But you must know that the effect of the treatment might not be permanent. You may need to get it done after some time. The duration may vary from person to person, depending on their oral habits. For example, if you control your caffeine intake and quit smoking, you can expect your teeth to stay white and bright decently longer. Also, abstain from foods that cause the acid attack. It is more relevant for sugary items that interact with your teeth' enamel and destroy it.

Professional dental whitening services can help you big time. You can get clean, sparkling teeth in one or more sittings based on your dental condition. Primarily, one session can be enough. Still, your dentist can inform you about this better. So, fix your appointment with a licensed practitioner from your neighbourhood and experience the difference. The dentist may want to know your diet and medical conditions to understand what discoloured your teeth. Make sure you share the correct details. Usually, modern clinics use Zoom teeth whitening procedures. It is faster and more efficient. It uses bleaching gel and light to activate the chemical reaction that helps break the stains. You can learn more about it from your dentist.

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