Non-Surgical Ways to Help Decrease the Signs of Aging

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Research has concluded that in 2021, the value of the cosmetic industry was over $63 billion. That number is projected to grow by 9.6 percent by 2030. Although some cosmetic surgeries are necessary for health reasons, many people go under the knife to enhance their appearance and decrease the signs of aging.

There is no doubt that looking more youthful is a goal for many. However, the cost of cosmetic surgery can be unattainable. That leaves people trying to discover ways to look younger without undergoing surgery. And since there is no proverbial fountain of youth, listed below are non-surgical ways to help decrease the signs of aging.

1. Dermal Fillers

One of the first signs of aging is fine lines and wrinkles. For that, doctors inject Dermal fillers into the face to reduce the appearance of lines, plump wrinkles to increase the volume of the face, plump lips and checks, and make a face look more symmetrical.

Dermal fillers are done in a doctor's office or a medical spa. Some synthetic materials used in Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and poly-l-lactic acid. Fillers can also get done using fat from another area of the body that gets injected into the face.

The results of Dermal fillers can last several months to years.

2. Supplements

Supplements are a great way to get adequate amounts of vitamins and nutrients not attained through the diet. They can improve a person's overall health, including giving a more youthful appearance, especially the skin.

Some of the most popular supplements for the skin are collagen supplements. In addition to helping the body make bones stronger, collagen improves the elasticity in the skin and helps hydrate the skin. For those looking to reduce the signs of aging, the benefits of collagen go beyond the skin and bones. Collagen improves hair, the gut, and overall health.

Other supplements that help create a youthful appearance include:

- CoQ10

- Vitamin C

- Fish Oil

- Biotin

- Nicotinamide

3. Coloring Hair

Graying hair is a sign of aging that is either loved or hated. For those not fond of gray hair, coloring is one of the most accessible options. Besides going to a salon to have hair professionally dyed or adding highlights, there is also root spray, root powder, at-home hair dyes, or henna.

Selecting the right color is vital for a more youthful look. Lighter tones add warmth that can give the skin a young, healthy glow. Conversely, dark colors can create shadows on the face, emphasizing wrinkles and fine lines. Dark colors also make the scalp more noticeable for those with thinning hair.

4. Fat Reduction

In addition to the hormonal changes that come with aging, there is also a slower metabolism. Having a slower metabolism leaves aging bodies more susceptible to fat. Fat in young and senior bodies can make a person look older than their age.

Fat reduction, also called Coolsculpting, is a non-surgical way to remove stubborn fat. That includes beer bellies, man boobs, back fat, the chin, love handles, and unsightly lower belly fat. Fat reduction is a great non-surgical alternative to get rid of that fat.

A healthcare provider does Coolsculpting. It can take an hour to several hours. During the procedure, the doctor delivers a controlled cooling device that looks like a vacuum nozzle to the targeted fat area. The area then gets massaged to break up the deep frozen tissue. In turn, the body can absorb the broken fat cell.

5. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best non-surgical ways to fight the signs of aging. It is known to improve physical, mental, and cognitive health. Some other ways that research has shown exercise to improve the signs of aging are:

- Building muscle strength

- Improves bone density

- Lengthen telomeres


As you have read, the cosmetic surgery industry is valued at billions of dollars and growing. However, since there are no fountains of youth to be found, many opt for non-surgical alternatives. If you are looking to look more youthful, you will be satisfied with the six non-surgical ways to decrease the signs of aging listed above.

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