Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Almond Nail Shapes

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Why You Should Try Almond Nail Shapes

If you have never tried the amazing almond nail shapes, then you should consider that for your next manicure. You may think that the pressure is only on choosing the polish color, but you may be surprised that selecting the shape for your manicure can get you in a dilemma. Almond-shaped nails are classic and modern; women should try this shape at least once.

Almond nails are cool and chic, and they are best if done on long nails, but that does not completely scrap off short nails if you don't like the limit of activities that come with long nails. You can also have the almond shape for your short nails if you are trying to meet certain professional requirements. Below are some nail ideas that will inspire you to have the almond nail shapes for your next manicure.


1. Classic French Manicure

Almond nail shapes and classic French manicures are a timeless match; no manicure can beat that.

The almond shape gives your nails an elongated and long appearance if you initially had them short. With this idea, you can have fun exploring the different styles of French manicures.

You can get an advancement of the traditional French manicure where you get different polish colors for every nail tip other than the typical white tip. Using bright colors for the tips will brighten up your manicure but remember to use a neutral base coat to avoid diverting the attention from the almond shape.


2. Gold Accents

This idea looks fashionable, and having it done on almond-shaped nails will make you stand out. Some gold details with an almond shape combination will make your manicure look fresh.

For this idea, you can get a set of cute press-on and do them in the comfort of your home if you don't have enough time to get to the nail parlor and finish the art. The press-ons are easily available from most local shops and are reusable, which may be more cost-effective than visiting a nail artist.

3. Neon Green

This is a perfect idea for lovers of green. Neon green is a bright color that you can use on either short or long nails to help get some attention to the almond shape. Neon green is a bright color, making this a good idea if you want to attract a lot of attention to your nails.


4. Pink Ombre

Pink is a very beautiful and feminine color with various shades, which gives you a variety of options to choose from.

You can coordinate your almond-shaped nails with the perfect pink ombre for an outstanding finish. Remember to start with subtle and brighter shades of pink at the tips for the ombre effect.


5. Graphic Shapes

Graphics can be done on any nail shape, making it no exception for almond nails. For this idea, you must work with long nails to create extra surface area for designing noticeable graphics.

You can design the graphics using two or more colors to make a statement. Ensure the colors you choose blend perfectly to avoid color clashing.

6. Checkered Nails

Checkered nails are also a part of graphic art that is timeless. Coordinating checkered art on almond-shaped nails creates a cute pattern that cannot go unnoticed.

You can spice up things a bit by getting the checkers on swirls. The swirls are a perfect way to define the almond shape.


7. Ice Blue

This is the best idea for lovers of blue color. Ice blue on the almond-shaped nail is a perfect combination if you look forward to a fresh and clean look.


8. Heart Tips

You can show love to people around you based on the kind of manicure you get. Heart-shaped hearts are cute and will get all the attention you want for your manicure.

To get this art's best finish, try getting it done on preferably longer nails. If your natural nails can't provide the extra length, you can get some cute acrylics.


9. Metallic Green

Metallic green polish is simple but makes a statement, making it an ideal option. This is the perfect idea for those who love simple colors for their almond nails but do not want to get the attention off their nails entirely.

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