RV Travel with Kids and Pets

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RVs, or recreational vehicles, are a whole category of vehicles and trailers designed for camping, relaxing outdoors, and traveling comfortably. Things like travel trailers, pop-up campers, and motorhomes are all considered to be different types of RVs. Each of these specialty vehicles gives you and your family a comfortable place to sleep and relax while away from home. Of course traveling with kids and pets can be a thrilling and unforgettable experience but the right RV makes travel with them more smooth, comfortable, more enjoyable, and more affordable than other travel options.


The Importance of Safe RV Travel with Kids and Pets

Traveling with something flexible and comfortable, like a motorhome, can be an exciting experience for a family. However, it's important to remember that even while traveling in a large motorhome, you should follow regular vehicle safety practices or you risk being pulled over by police. Driving an RV safely means that every passenger should be seated in a front-facing seat and restrained with a seatbelt. Small children should be restrained using a combination of booster seats and car seats to provide safe riding conditions for them.

When traveling at high speeds, there's a real risk of injuries for any passengers within an RV if they aren't properly restrained. Every passenger should be seated in a front-facing seat. If your motorhome doesn't come equipped with enough front-facing seats for everyone to ride safely, it's important to bring a second vehicle for family members to ride in safely until you arrive at your final destination.


How to Choose the Right RV for Kids and Pets?

When selecting an RV for your family vacations, consider which option has the space and amenities that are best suited to your needs. Start by thinking about the sleeping arrangements for everyone. If you have a family of four, you should look for a trailer or motorhome with enough space for everyone to sleep in their own bed. If you have a family of six, you'll need a larger RV with more beds. Try to avoid an RV with too few sleeping spots to keep everyone comfortable. RVs and travel trailers equipped with bunk houses can offer comfortable sleeping for larger numbers of passengers.



Along with selecting an RV with the right number of beds, you should also consider what type of flooring is included if you'll be bringing pets along. Opt for an RV with vinyl flooring rather than carpet, and it will be easier to clean and maintain. You may also be able to get some extras, such as a built-in kennel, an exterior leash latch for tethering your pet at campgrounds, and built-in food and water bowls for your pets. These little perks can make your RV more enjoyable when you take dogs and cats around with you.

You should also take the time to consider the cargo capacity of the RV you're looking at. Think about how much gear you plan to bring camping, to travel, or to live in your RV full-time. Now get details about how much weight each RV can carry, along with the base cargo it comes with. You must include the weight of any water and fuel tanks if they will be full when moving. Consider how much extra weight you'll need and consider that most families require 1,000 lbs of spare carrying capacity for short trips and as much as 2,000 lbs for extended trips. Compare these figures with your tow vehicle if you're going to pull a travel trailer, and make sure you can safely tow the trailer that you're most interested in.

Finally, you should consider the amenities in your RV or mobile home and decide whether they're enough for you. Most come with a functional toilet and sink, but only some have a built-in shower as well. Consider what climate you'll be vacationing in, and if it's a hot location, opt for an RV with dual AC units to keep cool. If you'll be vacationing in very cold climates, look for an RV with a capable heating system. Consider how much room you want for food storage and the type of kitchen and appliances you'll get with your unit. Use all these considerations to help you find the perfect RV for you and your family to vacation in.


Some Interesting Facts

According to a recent survey, families can cut their vacation costs by between 23 and 59 percent by traveling with an RV instead of the traditional car and hotels.

There are over 16,000 public and private parks and camps to choose from within the United States. Each of these options is an exciting new vacation possibility for RV owners.


Safety Should Be At the Forefront

Taking an RV on vacation is an excellent way to save money, travel comfortably, and see new parts of the country. Just be sure you follow proper safety precautions while traveling, and choose your RV carefully to get the best fit for you and your family for your upcoming vacation.



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