The Cooke SP3 Prime Lenses for your Event Video Production

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The choice of lenses may make or break a movie in the magical realm of cinematography. Filmmakers and filmmakers are always searching for resources that can help them tell stories more effectively. The Cooke SP3 Prime Lens series is one such treasure in the realm of cinematography. These lenses are more than simply instruments, they are also independent storytellers. We will examine the Cooke SP3 Prime Lenses' characteristics in-depth in this post and see how they have transformed the field of event video production.


Cooke SP3 Lenses

For full-frame mirrorless cameras, the new range of lenses features an entirely new design that is optically and mechanically optimized. Four focal lengths will be offered: The 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm and the 100mm.

The interchangeable mount design of these lenses is one of its major advantages right out of the box, it is equipped with a Sony E mount. The case also has a Canon RF attachment, which is ideal for Canon and certain RED cameras. Be aware that this RF mount may not be offered at the time of purchase, but Cooke promises to send it to satisfied SP3 buyers as soon as they obtain it. L and M mounts are also available as an add-on (expected in early 2024). All lenses include Dual Focus scale indications and are T2.4 in terms of speed. They will aesthetically complement the Panchro/i Classic series speed wise.


Features of the Cooke SP3 Prime Lenses


1. Using accuracy to hit the target

The Cooke SP3 Prime Lenses are proof of the superior optical quality. These meticulously precise lenses produce superb image quality. Let's examine some of their outstanding qualities in more detail:


i. Expert Optics

The optics of the Cooke SP3 Prime Lenses are what make them special. The images produced by these lenses are nothing less than a visual symphony since they are built to catch every subtlety of light. The SP3 primes dependably produce excellent results whether you're shooting in bright sunlight or dim surroundings.


ii. A Versatile Focal Lengths

These lenses' many focal length options are one of its distinguishing qualities. Filmmakers have the opportunity to select the ideal lens for each scenario thanks to a range from telephoto to ultra-wide. This adaptability makes it possible to express creativity like never before.


iii. Standout Quality

The "Cooke Look" is a term used to describe the particular style of Cooke lenses. Every frame becomes a piece of beauty because to its special aesthetic quality, which gives your images more depth and passion. The SP3 primes are proud to maintain this legacy.


2. Designed to Last

Equipment must be able to handle tough shooting schedules because filmmaking is a demanding job. These gadgets are dependable on set since they are made to withstand the worst circumstances.


i. Robust Design

These gadgets are made with strong materials and precise engineering. They are able to withstand the storm both figuratively and practically. These gadgets are your dependable friends in good weather and bad.


ii. Reliability of Performance

An unreliable lens during a shot is the very last thing a filmmaker wants. There is no opportunity for compromise with these gadgets since they are designed for constant performance. Goodbye to retakes because of technical difficulties.


3. Support Innovation

These gadgets are a blend of art and technology, not just a piece of glass. Let's look at how innovation is essential to these lenses.


i. Advanced Coatings

The gadgets include cutting-edge coatings that reduce flare and ghosting for pictures that are crystal clear. Additionally improving color integrity, these coatings inject more feeling into each frame.


ii. Smooth Focus

In cinematography, achieving a smooth and exact focus is crucial. It includes cutting-edge focus mechanisms that enable smooth transitions, giving your photographs depth and emotion.


4. A Workflow Integration Dream for Filmmakers

Filmmakers desire tools that effortlessly fit into their process, not simply lenses. With this in mind, these gadgets were created.


i. Wide Variety of Cameras that are Compatible

Since these gadgets work with such a variety of cameras, filmmakers are free to select their favorite camera without having to worry about lens compatibility. The filming process is streamlined by this flexibility.


ii. It is Lightweight and Compact.

Agility is essential in the quick-paced world of filmmaking. Its small size and light weight enable mobile shooting for filmmakers. These gadgets are the ideal companions whether you're photographing stunning views or private close-ups.


Price List

1. SP3 Full-Frame 5-Lens Prime Set (25/32/50/75/100mm, Sony E) - $21,375.00

2. SP3 25mm T2.4 Full-Frame Prime Lens (Sony E, Feet/Meters) - $4,500.00

3. SP3 50mm T2.4 Full-Frame Prime Lens (Sony E, Feet/Meters) - $4,500.00

4. SP3 75mm T2.4 Full-Frame Prime Lens (Sony E, Feet/Meters) - $4,500.00

5. SP3 100mm T2.4 Full-Frame Prime Lens (Sony E, Feet/Meters) - $4,500.00



The Cooke SP3 Prime Lenses are a towering example of perfection for event video production. They are an essential tool for filmmakers all around the world because of their superior optical capabilities, dependability, cutting-edge features, and easy integration into the production process. With SP3 primes in your toolbox, you can make cinematic magic rather than merely capture moments.

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