The Evolving Role of Remote Work in Shaping Future Career Choices

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Gone are the days of “traditional” work environments. Today’s workforce is looking for the perfect position that will give them flexibility, autonomy, and the opportunity to advance in their career. Many are choosing and looking for remote jobs that will give them all of these. But is this a realistic approach when deciding on a career choice?


The landscape of working remotely

Before the pandemic, there were many challenges for employees that were wanting to work remotely. Managing employees and keeping them engaged with the rest of the staff was a challenge. Management debated on the level of productivity that an employee could produce.

But since the pandemic, companies have found that productivity levels have increased among those employees that work remotely and, due to advances in technology, they are able to stay connected to their staff, while cutting costs that are incurred by maintaining massive office spaces. These shifts in workplace environments have created a culture for employees to change the way they choose their future career moves.

Potential employees are now looking to find positions that will give them better work-life balances, more freedom, proven levels of productivity, all while staying connected and engaged with co-workers and management. Technology has been an integral part of developing the new remote working lifestyle. With video conferencing software, online meeting forums, and collaboration websites, employees are able to have the satisfaction of working from home and still stay competitive in their field.


Adapting to working remotely

There are unique challenges to working remotely. The most obvious challenge may be the fact that the employee is not around co-workers and management in a face-to-face setting, therefore there are less chances of creating a personal relationship with those working in-office. This can be viewed as a drawback, because when it is time for career advancement, a remote worker may be overlooked because of “not being seen”. It becomes the employees job to always stay relevant and heard in company meetings. A way to counteract these occurrences is to take advantage of required in-office days. This will ensure that management will notice the work you are doing and your willingness to engage with co-workers and staff.

Although there are challenges, there are advantages to being a remote employee. Being able to work from anywhere at any time allows a sense of freedom and helps to promote a better work-life balance. Employees are finding times that they are most productive and giving 110% on the job, while maintaining a happy and healthy home life. Working remotely gives employees the opportunities to complete their job, while still being able to make it to their son’s soccer game, and be able to have dinner on the table.

The workforce of today is searching for a position that will give them a competitive edge, allow for career growth, and showcase their skills and talents, while allowing them to focus on their families and life beyond the workplace. These positions are becoming more and more available as they are beneficial to both employees and businesses. 

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