Three types of methods to edit PDF

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PDF file how to edit? PDF file is not editable in the first place, it is a data file that is close to printed form, so it will be more difficult to change than text format or Word document, and it is equally useful for invoices and contracts, this article brings you three types of methods to edit PDF.


About Online PDF Editor

When distributing PDF material, there is an increasing need for editing, such as adding, correcting, or deleting parts of information, or writing or deleting characters or graphics in the received PDF. Therefore, Online PDF Editor tools have been developed with various editing functions, as well as functions to protect them from being altered, such as security settings.

PDF data can be edited with relative ease using PDF editing software and Online PDF Editor. Editing is generally done using editing software and tools, but there are also ways to do it using Microsoft Office.


What can be edited?

- Change text in PDF files

- Annotate PDFs

- Improve security with security settings

- Add attachments and pages to PDF

- resize to fit

With the widespread use of PDF, a variety of PDF editing tools and software (both paid and free) have emerged, enabling powerful editing. Also, relatively simple edits such as "change the text of a PDF file", "split consecutive PDF pages", and "merge multiple PDF files" are true even with methods that do not use PDF editing software. possible.


3 Ways to Edit PDFs

Introduced here are the following 3 methods, through which you can neatly edit, design PDF, and make it easier to view.

1. Edit in Microsoft Office.

2. Use PDF editing software.

3. Use online services.


The three methods of editing PDF will be introduced in turn.

Edit in Microsoft Office

To convert files created with Microsoft Office to PDF files, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be used for editing. If you are a regular user of Microsoft Office, you may be editing PDFs without knowing it. Microsoft Office makes PDF editing so easy.


Scan and edit documents:

1. Scan documents to PDF files and edit them in Word.

2. Follow the scanner's instructions to scan the document and save it as a .pdf file on your computer.

3. Click the file to open in Word.

4. Browse to the location of the PDF file on your computer and click Open.

5. Click OK when prompted, and the PDF file will be converted to an editable Word document.


Open PDF files in Word:

If you want to edit the PDF file, open it in Word. PDF to Word conversion works best with most text files, such as business, legal, and scientific documents. However, when a PDF file is opened in Word, it may look different from the original PDF. Note that in some cases the original PDF file and Word version may not match.


Save in Word:

1. Go to File > Open.

2. Find and open the PDF.

3. Select OK.


Edit in Excel:

Normally, PDFs cannot be opened in Excel (special software is required). When editing in Excel, first open the PDF file in Word and follow the steps below.

Start Word and click Open, Browse.

Select the PDF file whose form you want to modify.

Enables editing of PDF files converted to Word documents.

Copy the table, paste the copied table into Excel and modify/edit.

If you want to convert the tabular data created in Excel to PDF as it is, click "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "S" keys or click Home, Save As.

You can save as a PDF file by selecting PDF] from Save as type]. It's a good idea to save the backup as an Excel workbook in case you need to modify the table again. If you use Word and Excel, you can basically modify tables in PDF files, no special software is required. However, if the image file or layout is complex, the layout may collapse when converted to Word, so be careful.


Use online services

There are also PDF editing services available online. Online PDF editing services are basically purchased on a subscription basis. Online services replace paper documents with secure PDFs and store them in the cloud, so work that used to be done only in the office can now be done anywhere using a mobile device, whether at home or on the go . It can be said that it is an indispensable service in today's business scene where telecommuting is popular.


Small PDF

PDF editing software ready to use on any device in 24 languages. Works with all Windows, Linux and Mac devices. No installation or registration required. It also works with popular browsers. There are over 20 PDF tools available for converting, merging, e-signing PDFs, compressing, and more.


Introduce online services to efficiently process PDFs. You don't need to install PDF editing software on your computer to perform advanced editing. Upload PDF files on the hipdf website, compress, merge, etc. to edit and download PDF files. As a PDF editing function, it has functions of converting, compressing, splitting, merging, trimming, unlocking, etc. It is a very convenient product.


This is a service that allows you to edit, add and delete PDF files online. Editing can be done mostly by adding text, using freehand tools, sticky notes, underlining, strikethrough, etc. You can also delete unnecessary pages, add and create new PDF pages, and upload and merge other PDF files. With intuitive design and smooth operating environment, it is a very easy-to-use online PDF editing tool. is an aggregated page dedicated to solving all PDF problems, in which Online PDF Editor is used to edit PDF files, and it has various functions and is completely free.

3 Recommended PDF Editing Software (Free Version)

PDF-XChange Viewer

Freeware with tab switching types and lightweight operations. It also features thumbnail display, writing, color and thickness specifications, and annotation capabilities. PDF can be overwritten and saved, and there is an export function.


Debenu PDF Tools

Right-click to edit PDF, convert to image or text, split, merge, etc. This is a very handy software as it can easily delete bookmarks and edit.


PDF Shaper Free

text and document file formats specified by Microsoft into RTF, split and merge, and convert between PDF and images. It also has excellent security features, such as the ability to encrypt passwords.



PDF file how to edit? The above has shared for you editing in Microsoft Office, using PDF editing software, and using online services, which are almost all processing types and methods for editing PDF files at present, I hope to help you.

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