Top 7 Best Ecommerce Websites in Kenya 2022

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Kenya's thriving ecommerce ecosystem has seen steady growth in recent years, particularly among small and medium-sized businesses. While the number of online shoppers grows, so does the number of ecommerce platforms to meet the growing demand. The following is a list of Kenyan ecommerce companies where you can do your online shopping or sell your items. You can actually do this by creating a vendor account and sell your physical items on the websites listed below.


1. Largest e-commerce site in Kenya

2. Best Affordable e-commerce site in Kenya

3. Wide range of Imported goods from China

4. Sky Garden: e-commerce site that offers instant delivery

5. AfricaSokoni: Easy to use e-commerce site in Kenya

6. Shop for Naivas supermarket products

7. Number 1 free marketplace e-commerce site with best price

8. Sells laptops and smartphones

9. Best e-commerce site to buy office products in Kenya.




Jumia is one of Kenya's largest online selling platforms and they recently celebrated their 10th year in the ecommerce industry. Everything is sold under one roof, including mobile phones, men's and women's fashion, laptops and computers, furniture, kitchenware, mattresses, groceries, and so on. If you want to save money when shopping on Jumia, look for flash sales, Cyber Mondays, or Black Fridays. You will also receive precisely what you ordered. You can choose to pick up your order at a Jumia pickup location or have it delivered to your door. When purchasing items, especially electronics, it is also advised to first check the seller's rating and the number of items sold. This will allow you to determine how trustworthy the seller is.



Jamboshop takes pride in being one of the best affordable e-commerce websites that houses everything you can possibly imagine, from trending electronics such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and accessories to in-vogue fashion staples such as shoes, clothing, and lifestyle accessories; and wardrobes to appliances that make your life easier such as washing machines, TVs, ACs, blenders, and other time-saving kitchen and small appliances, we have it all covered. Jamboshop Limited recently won an Ecommerce award as the 'best Ecommerce Electronics website' at the 2022 Kenya Ecommerce Awards, and they will be celebrating their 5th year in business this August with electrifying deals and daily offers that you will not want to miss.



Kilimall is one of Kenya's oldest ecommerce sites, with merchants hosting their stores on the platform. You can buy baby products, clothing, home appliances, books, phones, computers, shoes, and other items here. While customers are permitted to pay for goods upon delivery, Kilimall requires payment prior to shipment. Take advantage of their promotions and keep an eye out for their flash sales to save money.


Sky Garden

If you are a vendor who does not have your own ecommerce website, Sky Garden is the platform for you. Sky Garden sells electronics, home appliances, furniture, clothing, phones and accessories, and other items. The platform's registration is free, and their delivery service is quick (they have a same day delivery plan). Unfortunately, Sky Garden charges exorbitant prices for its products. Take advantage of their frequent promotions and compare prices from different sellers within the platform before selecting the most affordable.


Jiji Kenya

Jiji, formerly known as OLX Kenya, is a popular Kenyan ecommerce store. Users can post free ads to attract buyers faster. Cars, phones, furniture, bags, shoes, clothing, kitchenware, foodstuffs, and electronics can all be purchased and sold here. It also sells used merchandise.


Naivas Online Supermarket

One of the biggest online retailers in Kenya is Naivas, where you can buy items like furniture, books, kitchenware, appliances, baby products, oil and sauces, fresh food, health products, office supplies, and more. Every time you shop at Naivas, you have the opportunity to accumulate points, but you can only pay using M-PESA. Seven days a week, from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm, they distribute goods.



Safaricom owns Masoko, an online trading platform. It specializes in selling phone devices and internet accessories that can be delivered to your door in three hours or less. Alternatively, you can select your products at a specific point. Masoko is well-known for their long-lasting and durable products. Their only disadvantage is that their products are costly. To save even more, take advantage of their occasional promotions or visit their 'SUPER DEALS' page.

Do you know of any Kenyan online shopping websites that we haven't listed? Tell us in the comments section below.

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