Top 7 Irresistible Business Card Ideas to Generate More Business

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Business cards play a big role in taking your business to a new height. So stay tight if you are wondering how a small card can do wonders for your firm!

You'd be even more surprised to know that a research report from Statistic Brain Research Institute claimed that more than 70% of consumers judge a company or an entrepreneur based on a business card they use.

And even more shockingly, the same report further disclosed that 39% would never enter into any business with a company if it uses ordinary-looking business cards. But the question is, how can you make your card more attractive and attention-grabbing?


Well, here are irresistible business card ideas to generate more business and grow your professional network


Simplicity Is the Key

Business cards should have a minimalistic outlook. It should have a simple layout with all essential elements intact. The choice of fonts, colors, and text style matters a lot. Some of the best fonts that look good on almost all types of business cards are Calibri, Sans Serif, Roboto, and Georgia.


The Choice of Color Palette

Business cards should speak for yourself. It's not just your identity card but a necessary business accessory tool through which you can grow your network and business. Here, you can't decide something clumsily.

If you are self-employed and professional, an ideal color palette will be a monochromatic black-and-white design. But if you are a creative professional, you can go bold with your choices and try more colors and designs on your cards. The font should be in contrast to the background color. For example, if the background is white-text written in black fonts would be awesome.


Showcase Your Business Logo

Your card must display a business logo. These days, the process has gotten even simpler; it is possible to create custom business cards using free business card templates. Instead of physical business cards, you can opt for a digitized custom business card with an electronically-designed logo. In addition, entrepreneurs can easily share their contact details and address with other persons using Bluetooth/ infrared and connected devices.

A well-designed logo attracts the attention of prospective customers and lets them make a call, too.

Ideally, the logo should be positioned in the top left corner. A logo shouldn't be placed anywhere between the address and contact details. In that case, your contact details would be barely visible and difficult to read. 


Good Profiling

It's always a big challenge to put more and more information on a business card. The problem is all business cards come in standard sizes and formats. So after filling out your basic details such as name, profession, and contact details, you won't get much space to include other information.

In such a case, reducing your font size is always good. And you can utilize the remaining space by filling out your social media handles and website URLs. Then, when your prospective customers find your social media handles on your digitized business cards, they can easily visit your social media handles to see your posts and status updates.


Dual-Side Designs

It's always fun when your business card looks attractive from all sides. However, a one-sided card is outdated now. You can instead opt for a dual-side visiting card, which gives you more scope to showcase your work, services, and contact details in an attractive manner.

You can use a monochromatic theme on one side to share essential information. On the other side, you can use a colorful palette to mention other details, including your social media handles and website URL. Your business logo can be placed on either side on top.


Integrate a QR Code

As already mentioned, now is the time for digitized custom business cards. Don't forget to integrate a QR code into your card. The code can be easily detected by a smartphone scanner and helps the user get their desired details.

Through a QR code, prospective customers and clients can easily learn about the services you offer or the products you sell with a direct link to your website page.


Display Your Image on Cards

It doesn't matter what you sell; you can still get your photo or image displayed on a digital business card. Adding your image on a visiting card makes it look professional and authentic and helps create a personal rapport with the intended customers.

Clients feel more emotional when they notice the picture of the entrepreneur on the card.


In Conclusion

Giving a day or two while designing your business card is always brilliant. Don't make a routine business card that other entrepreneurs use. Instead, you can experiment with ideas to make your business card stylish and innovative. When it comes to cards, there's no one-size-fits-all option. Go for a card design that captivates your attention and emotion at first glance!

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