Wall Paintings for Bedroom: 10+ Ideas for a Restful Sleep

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The environment these paintings may help create can be soothing and restorative, nourishing for both the body and the mind. We'll be discussing the Vastu factors in this article, which you should take into account while selecting or even creating the artwork for your bedroom.

Let's quickly review a few tips to assist you select the ideal painting for your residential properties in Gurgaon before we go any further.

Five Vaastu-Inspired Painting Ideas for Bedrooms

The purpose of the bedroom is to encourage rest, relaxation, and renewal. Paintings in bedrooms that incorporate Vastu principles can improve the good energy flow in the room and foster a peaceful, quiet atmosphere. 

The following five Vaastu-inspired bedroom painting ideas might help you create a happy, calm, and fortunate living space:

1. Select soothing hues

Certain hues are said to encourage good energy movement in space, according to Vaastu. While pink and peach are connected to harmony and love, blue and green are linked to peace and tranquilly.

Because earthy colours like brown and beige are linked to security and stability, they encourage sound sleep. Selecting artwork for your bedroom that use these hues will improve the room's good energy flow and encourage relaxation.

2. Examine Colour Schemes

Vaastu principles recommend that specific hue combinations can promote good energy flow in the area, in addition to selecting relaxing tones. For instance, combining pink and peach might have a romantic feel, while pairing blue and green can provide a calm environment. 

Selecting artworks that use these colour combinations may improve the room's overall appearance and encourage good energy flow. 

3. Make the best placement

The energy flow in the bedroom can also be impacted by where the artwork are placed. According to Vaastu principles, paintings should be hung at the appropriate height and facing the appropriate direction to maximise positive energy flow. 

Hang artworks with the water element in the northeast or north.

Hang paintings of the fire element in the southeast and south.

4. Select the Appropriate Theme

According to Vaastu principles, choose a theme for your bedroom artwork might improve the flow of good energy in the area. While paintings with religious themes might encourage spirituality and peace of mind, paintings featuring natural features like trees, flowers, and landscapes can encourage quiet and relaxation.

These Vaastu-Centric Images Will Infuse Your Bedroom with Calm Feelings

Let's now examine some of the greatest Vaastu-compliant painting ideas for bedrooms and see how they may infuse your area with richness, harmony, and balance. These painting ideas can help you create a restful and revitalising atmosphere in your bedroom.

1. Lovely Radha Krishna Painting in Bedroom: Bedroom Vastu Paintings

In Hindu mythology, the celestial pair Radha and Krishna stand for unadulterated love, fidelity, and harmony in a partnership. 

It is also said that the iconography of Radha Krishna symbolises the blissful union of the divine male and feminine and the corresponding spiritual union. Krishna and Radha stand for the worldwide deity and divine love for the all-powerful universal deity, respectively.

You are calling upon the uplifting energies of this celestial pair by hanging the artwork of Radha and Krishna in your bedroom. 

The Radha Krishna artwork is a great choice for your bedroom since it inspires optimism, serenity, and relaxation, all of which contribute to better mental and emotional health, more restful sleep, and less stress and worry.

Paintings of Krishna and Radha can have a variety of styles, but they usually wash contrasting hues. It is suggested that you select a painting that complements the hues of your bedroom wall to create a calming and pleasant environment that encourages renewal and optimism.

2. Mastery Painting of Seven Horses in the Bedroom

It's difficult not to have seen paintings of seven horses, generally seven white horses standing magnificently in front of the viewer. However, did you know that the Rig Veda is where this artwork first appeared? 

The son deity Surya is described in the Rigveda as driving a chariot drawn by seven magnificent horses. The seven horses stand for control over one's senses, knowledge, and ignorance. 

You can hang the artwork of the Seven Horses in your bedroom to help you advance professionally, draw luck and wealth, and ultimately become wealthy and content. 

The traditional recommendation for this artwork is to hang it on your bedroom's south wall. It is recommended that you put the image on the east wall of your bedroom, nevertheless, because the seven horses are a sign of Lord Surya, the sun deity.

You may still discover warm and cool-colored versions of 7 Horses paintings, even if there aren't as many as there are for Radha Krishna paintings. In your bedroom, we advise going with colder hues as they are more conducive to a relaxing environment.

3. A peacock painting for health and wealth in the bedroom

One bird that is associated with beauty and immortality is the peacock. In addition to adding to the visual appeal of your bedroom, hanging a peacock picture there represents Lord Krishna and Lord Karthikeya, bringing their elegance, beauty, courage, and agility into your private haven.

According to Vaastu, the painting of a peacock may draw riches, good fortune, and beauty and works best when put on the east wall of your bedroom. A peacock painting is a great option for your bedroom because of its beautiful blue and green colour scheme, which will keep you feeling rejuvenated.

4. Vastu Paintings of Buddha for Your Bedroom

The Buddha picture embodies the virtues of compassion and mindfulness and stands for knowledge, tranquillity, and enlightenment. It inspires the notion of waking through self-understanding by symbolising the utmost spiritual potential that each person possesses.

The three main virtues connected to the Buddha and his faith are wisdom, serenity, and awareness. That's not all, though. Using Buddhist images in your house is said to bring good fortune.

Vastu advantages, including increased intelligence and decision-making ability, may be obtained from having Buddhist paintings in your bedroom. It may improve your relationships and lessen feelings of loneliness by making you a more empathetic person, and mindfulness can lessen stress and enhance mental health. Our suggestion is to hang a picture of a meditating Buddha on the side wall that greets you as you awaken. It will support and strengthen your mindfulness.

5. Gajendra Moksha's Elephant Painting: Vastu Paintings for Your Bedroom

Elephant paintings may evoke feelings of strength, power, and wisdom. Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity revered as the god of success, knowledge, and fresh starts, is also linked to elephants. 

You may call on the powers of Ganesha, who represents success and knowledge, by hanging an elephant image in your bedroom.

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