Want to Increase Your YouTube Views and Subscribers Ethically?

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Steer clear of purchasing fake views, even if the seller claims they're from real people. This approach is risky, attracts the wrong audience, and damages your brand's reputation over time.

Fortunately, there are authentic methods to expand your channel, gain brand visibility, attract new followers, or improve your monetization efforts. To buy original views, connect with Boost Social Media.

Here are three viable strategies to consider:


1. Opt for YouTube TrueView Ads

Whether you're an individual content creator, a small business, or a big corporation, investing in marketing your content is a smart move.

Whether aiming to gain subscribers for your online store or running a seasonal campaign for a global brand, a multi-pronged marketing approach is essential for success. If you have a marketing budget for YouTube, leveraging YouTube TrueView is a powerful choice.

What's YouTube TrueView?

TrueView is a YouTube video ad format that lets viewers choose the ads they want to watch. One common type is bumper ads, which allow viewers to skip the ad after 6 seconds.

There are two main types of TrueView ads:

 In-stream ads: These skippable ads (with a skip option after 5 seconds) appear before, during, or after YouTube videos. They can also pop up on apps and partner video sites. They're often used for brand and product awareness.

- In-display ads: These ads appear where viewers discover content, like YouTube search results or next to related videos. They guide interested audiences to click on a thumbnail to watch your ad. 

Advantages of YouTube Ads:

Unlike purchasing fake views, TrueView ads give you full control. You can choose ad formats, precisely target your audience, schedule ad runs, and gain deep insights after the campaign ends. With TrueView, you can target based on demographics (age and gender), topic relevance, and audience interests.

2. Enhance Your Videos and Channel

Like other search engines, YouTube employs algorithms to help viewers find content. Optimizing your videos for search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to stand out.

Here's how to optimize for YouTube SEO:

Research keywords: To find high-traffic terms for titles and descriptions. Utilize tools like Keyword Tool for YouTube to uncover suitable keywords. Craft engaging titles and detailed descriptions featuring these keywords.

Use relevant tags and hashtags: Incorporate primary keywords and synonyms as tags. Include trending terms as hashtags in your video description.

Design captivating custom thumbnails: An attractive thumbnail boosts your video's click-through rate, especially in search results.

Create playlists: YouTube's search results display playlists separately, offering an extra way for viewers to find your content.

Optimize your channel: Craft an appealing icon and banner art for your channel. A well-branded channel leaves a positive impression and fosters a loyal community.

Creating quality content isn't enough on its own. Optimizing your videos helps them become easily discoverable on YouTube.

3. Share Content on Other Platforms


Numerous avenues exist to promote content online, some requiring a budget while others are free. All are worth exploring.

A renowned YouTuber, shares her approach to channel growth through social media sharing:

For those with a marketing budget, options include promoted posts on media sites, banner ads on high-traffic websites, influencer endorsements, and more. If funds are limited, creative solutions are a must.

Strategies for Free YouTube Views:

Establish social media channels and share new videos across platforms. Edit your YouTube videos into shorter versions suitable for Check Out Boost SocialMedia consumption. Like reels, YouTube's "shorts" are great for audience engagement.

Connect with bloggers in your niche. Reach out to them, offering your relevant video for sharing.

Collaborate with fellow YouTubers for cross-promotion. Inviting guests to your videos allows them to share with their audience.

Create video responses to popular content. This might lead to mentions or responses from the original creators.

Embed videos on Q&A platforms like Quora and Reddit, tapping into their traffic.

Do You Really Need to Buy YouTube Views?

As you can see, there are plenty of ethical alternatives to boost your channel without resorting to fake views. These tried-and-true methods are in line with YouTube's policies. Opting for shortcuts like buying views will ultimately harm your brand. Instead, focus on creating and promoting content genuinely to foster a loyal community around your channel.


Is buying YouTube views a good strategy?

No, purchasing views is risky and can harm your brand's reputation. Authentic growth strategies are more effective.

What is YouTube TrueView?

TrueView is a video ad format that allows viewers to choose the ads they want to watch, offering control over ad campaigns.

How can I optimize my videos?

Optimize by using relevant keywords, tags, and hashtags. Create appealing thumbnails and playlists, and ensure a well-branded channel.

How can I promote my content for free?

Share videos on social media, collaborate with bloggers and YouTubers, create video responses, and embed content on Q&A platforms.

Is buying YouTube views necessary for success?

No, it's not necessary. Ethical methods like TrueView ads and optimizing content can foster genuine growth and community engagement.


In the landscape of YouTube, where views and subscribers are often considered measures of success, it's crucial to navigate the growth path ethically. Avoid the allure of buying views, as it poses risks to your brand's credibility and long-term potential. Instead, embrace strategies that align with YouTube's policies and create a meaningful impact. YouTube TrueView offers controlled ad campaigns while optimizing videos enhances discoverability. Sharing content across platforms, collaborating with like-minded creators, and engaging with online communities can generate organic growth. As the YouTube ecosystem evolves, remember that authentic connections, quality content, and ethical practices are the cornerstones of sustained success. By choosing these approaches, you're not just accumulating numbers but building a genuine, loyal, and lasting audience that resonates with your brand's value.

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