5 Ways Web Hosting and a Domain Name Can Improve Your SEO

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If you want to stand out from the rapidly incoming new sellers and ecommerce experts, you have to make your own domain a more appealing destination. On top of keywords, visuals, etc. take the time to get the most out of your hosting provider. If you are not happy with the services you get, it might be time to switch to a VPS plan and a better provider. Here’s how your SEO is positively affected by good web hosting or dedicated web hosting and strategic domain name choices.


Better brand recognition

Choosing a business name is a fine line to walk. On the one hand, you want something catchy and unique, which has meaning or emotional value. You want that human quirkiness that sets you apart from generic industry drones.

On the other hand, you want to avoid standing out so much that you end up out of the field. You still have to use phrases and keywords relevant to your industry. If your domain name isn’t clear about the purpose of your business, or just sounds too strange, people won’t click on your links.

Personalized domains such as  the customizable .me format help to bridge this gap. You can maximize human appeal while minimizing industry confusion. Such personalized domain extensions are memorable, easy to brand, easily keyword-focused, and can even be phrased as direct calls to action.


Naming and optimization

Including keywords in the domain name is one of the most popular ways to appeal to search engines. However, it’s not as important as consistent optimization throughout the website. All pages, from site copy, through descriptions, to testimonials and reviews, have to be optimized for it to have any real impact.

Thus you have some space for creativity in your domain name. Include one or two keywords to make clear what your business is and be playful with them. Choose an appealing and recognizable name. Try to keep it short to make it more memorable. Puns and fun turns of phrase are good options.


Increased trust and brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is another important function of good hosting. It somewhat stems from brand recognition. Once customers learn to recognize you, they must learn to trust you if you want repeat business from them. You can achieve this with personalization and security.

The trick is to use your hosting and domain name to combine the two. A trustworthy brand will protect itself and its customers from malware, phishing, and spam of all kinds. With a personalized domain it’s easier to catch scammers pretending to be your business, e.g. by changing one character in their URLs.

It’s a small investment with a huge return. It shows your customers that you care about their safety. This on top of a catchy brand name humanizes your business. People are more likely to trust a brand they can relate to, which builds strong loyalty over time.


More secure buyer experience

People are more cautious than even when it comes to spending money online. From accidental charges, through sneaky subscription renewals, to outright identity theft, you have to protect your customers from a whole host of online shopping risks.

Now, you might be wondering what cybersecurity has to do with SEO hargespot.com. The common denominator is hosting. Different hosting providers have different built-in features, which massively impacts your ability to provide a secure customer experience.

You want to maximize your ability to protect the sensitive data that buyers must provide to make a purchase. Look for providers that offer powerful firewalls, SSL encryption, and quality, reputable malware protection.

You also have to be able to notice and handle one-off threats in real-time. Invest in good network monitoring. This is also a potential feature with hosting providers. It detects any unauthorized attempts to access your network.

Periodically review the reports of these security efforts and see what you can improve. Great security will vastly improve your website’s standing with search engines, not to mention customer endorsement and great word-of-mouth among shoppers.


The impact of support

When something happens which prevents visitors from completing their purchases, you want to have a support agent readily at hand. Even if the first one or two support loops are bots, you have to be able to reach a human fairly quickly. The bots themselves must be effective and offer relevant help material.

Explore the available support spectrum between your hosting provider’s service tiers. Can you get priority support? Can you reach someone instantly via live chat or phone, or is email the only option? Is the phone line available internationally? Is it free? Are the support channels open 24/7 or only at fixed hours?

One of the worst things that can happen to your business is if it becomes infamous for poor support. Consider things like page loading speed, crashes, scaling your web shop, product catalogs rendering properly, etc. Anything that might present an ongoing issue for your customers is a danger to your standing.

If you want your online business to thrive you need to give it a strong reputation that will keep up for a long time. Secure, supportive hosting and a standout domain name will go a long way. They establish you as a secure seller and improve customer experience overall. It’s also a solid foundation for further selecting and implementing other SEO elements throughout your site.

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