What Does A Semi Truck Accident Attorney Can Do?

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If you or someone you care about was hurt in an accident with a truck, you are probably in pain and trying to figure out what to do next. A semi truck accident attorney can investigate the incident, interview witnesses, gather evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, and even take the matter to court on your behalf if required. A truck accident lawyer can care for you while you focus on getting better or helping a family member who was hurt in an accident that wasn't your fault.

What Makes Truck Accidents Happen?

Several different things can cause a trucking accident. When a commercial truck is involved in a car accident, it is very different from when two passenger cars are involved. The size and weight of a semi-truck significantly affect how much damage can be done to property and how bad injuries can be in this type of accident.

Truck drivers must follow specific federal safety rules on the road. Accidents happen when these still need to be done. Driver fatigue is still one of the main reasons why semi trucks get into car accidents. There are strict rules to ensure truck drivers get enough sleep in between the long hours they spend on the road. If you don't record these breaks and rest times correctly, it's against federal safety rules and puts everyone on the street in danger.

How Much Time It Take To Resolve An Accident?

When you sue a trucking company, there is no single answer to how long it might take to settle the case. It might take as little as six months or a few years. Some of these factors are how well negotiations with the company go, how much evidence there is about what caused the accident and who was at fault, and how many people were involved.

But if the other side won't negotiate pretty and insists on going to court to try to scare team of truck accident lawyers, they won't back down. Settlements can happen at different times, even during a trial before the final verdict is made. When the other side sees that you're ready to hold them accountable, the settlements that come later are often higher than the first offer.

Do Semi-Truck Accident Cases Go to Trial?

There is a chance that your case involving a commercial truck accident will go to trial, but if it does, your semi truck accident attorney will handle all aspects of trial preparation so that they do not interfere with your daily life.

While trials take more time than settlement negotiations, the financial judgments are sometimes substantially more significant since a judge or jury has more leeway to award punitive damages. For example, on top of the money you deserve for your injuries and losses, "punitive damages" may be added to your total. This money can help keep your family financially stable in the future.

Call An Attorney Or Insurance Company First?

Before you talk to the insurance company, you should consult a semi truck accident attorney. When you hire a lawyer right away, it is harder for insurance agents to take advantage of your situation.

Insurance firms are first and foremost businesses. It is their job to make money. When you pay out on legitimate claims, it cuts into your profits. Even though the contract says they have to give you the coverage you paid for, they will try to find a way to get out of it.

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