Why Is French Manicure Still Popular and Why You Should Try It At Least Once

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The beauty of manicure and nail art is that the aesthetic can be long-lasting and dominant, regardless of the generation. Some kinds of nail art have endured over multiple generations, regardless of the persons using it. One of these arts is the French manicure technique.

While it was pretty popular in the past, many modern manicure enthusiasts have grown accustomed to using it and have appreciated it not only for its aesthetic properties and for many other technical considerations. If you are wondering why you should try the French manicure in 2022, here is why.


What Is The French Manicure

Before even going any further, it is essential to highlight the French manicure. The typical manicure often has only one color painted across the nail. While this technique appeals to most people, some manicure enthusiasts often want some thrill and art on their nails. If you are such a person, then the French manicure would be ideal for you. This manicure involves using a band of light-colored polish along the tip of the nail, usually white, with a different pale or clear polish below.

Ironically, contrary to widespread expectations, the French nails were not of French origin. This kind of polish and manicure technique was created and popularized by the President and CEO of Orly International, Jeff Pink, in 1975. At the time, Pink realized that models took a lot of time changing polish in-between wardrobe changes, which took up a lot of effort.

As such, he was charged with the responsibility of identifying a manicure that would be versatile and could fit any user. He noted that using a neutral shade with a band of white at the top would be ideal for most people, which resulted in the French manicure technique.


Why Is This Manicure Still Popular To Date?

The expectation is that any beauty technique popular in the 1970s and 1980s would likely be phased away over time. As such, considering that the French manicure has survived throughout the years, it is essential to consider why it is still popular today.


Neutral Look

The main benefit of this kind of manicure is the neutrality of the look. For many people who are unaccustomed to flashy nails, French nail polish provides a neutral look that is not only elegant but professional. As such, the modern woman can maintain her looks and manicure simply because of professional requirements. The French polish will steal the show regardless.


Universality and Versatility

The French manicure is universal. As Jeff Pink intended when designing this revolutionary nail manicure technique, the French polish goes with every outfit combination you could want. With this kind of nail manicure, you can wear any clothes you want without concern about whether the nails match your outfit. This saves you a lot of costs in new manicures and ensures you can experiment with your outfits easily. That is one less thing to worry about.



Owing to the neutral shade and the white band across the tip of the nail, the nails acquire a neat look. Anyone wearing these kinds of nails appears well-groomed, which is essential for the corporate or professional setting. Unlike other flashy nail polish techniques, French nail polish does not detract from the appearance of the person wearing them and, as such, is very meticulous.


Work Well For Festive Occasions

In case you were about to cast away these nails for being too official and bland, you will be excited to know that these nails are also ideal for festivals and leisure activities. That is probably why you will find many people with French nails during weddings. The nails appear romantic and gentle, thus ensuring that they can fit for the dinner date, gala, or conference you want to attend. Simply put, they are brilliant for the casual setting as well.

Natural Look

Many people who are uninterested in having manicures argue that manicures are excessive and detract from the natural look of the nails. For such people, flashy and colored nails are unattractive and are too conspicuous for them. That is different for French nails. Considering that the French manicure employs a neutral shade instead of the bright colors that manicures often have, any person using the French manicure technique will affirm that the neutral color aids a natural look on any nails.

Let's Wrap It Up

There you have it. Five reasons why the French nail is still prevalent in the modern age and why you should still use the nail manicure technique. If you need the motivation to try this technique at least once, you are undoubtedly motivated. This technique is relatively easy for any skilled manicure or nail art specialist. Therefore, you are unlikely to avoid incurring high costs when trying it out. What are you waiting for? French up your nails!

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