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California is a state in the western USA known as a haven for tourism and nightlife. The state stretches 900 miles from the Mexican border and is known for cliff beaches, redwood forest, and an extensive pacific beach. Therefore, it attracts a lot of tourists, both local and international. Sierra Nevada Mountains, central valley farmland, and Mojave Desert are key physical features that make California a coveted tourist destination. The proximity to Mexico has made California state strict on fake id cards. California state is known for strict rules and enforcement on fake id cards. This article highlights all the information you need to know about California fake id


Why is California known for fake id cards?

It is a coveted state. There are a lot of issues with immigrants. Therefore, California strictly enforces fake id cards to curb illegal immigration. Moreover, California is known for its wonderful day and nightlife. A tourist wants to go to the state. California residents also need help to meet the statutory requirements for state id cards. Youngsters want to drive earlier than the required age pass. Teenagers and college students want to aces clubs and entertainment joints before reaching the age limit. Therefore, the demand for fake id cards is high for such and other sorted reasons. 


Is it illegal to have a fake id card in California?

California treats a possession and use of a fake id card for forgery as a crime. Therefore, it is important to be careful with fake id cards in California. However, the intended use of the fake id card determines the results in the prosecution charges against possession and use of fake id cards. Youngers nabbed with fake id cards may receive a first and second warning. However, they can risk their education journey to imprisonment or correctional facilities if persistent. Those found possessing and using a fake id card in California are charged with a misdemeanour or a felony. The seriousness of the charges depends on each case. Moreover, the prior criminal records of the accused and the nature of the case also determine the result of the charges in a court of law. 


Are California ID cards scannable?

Yes, the California id cards are scannable. Therefore, any fake id card must be scannable to pass through the California fid checks. Otherwise, they will always be nabbed through the screen checks. The scannable details of the California id are among the distinctive features of the state. However, you must remember that all of us state id cards are scannable. Therefore, having a fake id card that is not scannable is a cheaper method of getting nabbed at any USA card checking barrier. 


Is it easy to go through a California id barrier with a fake id card?

Makers of winning California fake id cards have mastered the art of adding all the security details in the California state fake id cards. California state is known for the strictest security details on its cards. The fake id card makers for the California card must be well covered with the information on the security details of the cards. However, a slight omission in the security details can lead to nabbing fake id cards in the California card checkers. The security officers in California are also supplied with effective gadgets to check the California cards. Therefore, you will need a good fake id card with all the security details to go through the California security barriers. 


What are the security features of the fake California id cards?

The following are the security features of the fake California id cards. 

1. A Ghost Image 

2. Gold Prospector background 

3. Tactile signature below photo.

4. The Date of Birth is on the right side. 

5. Laser perforated bear. 

6. UV images in the DOB and golden gate bridge. 

7. A grizzly bear in front of the ID. 


Where to get a quality fake California ID?

There are quality sellers of good California fake id cards. However, you need to be very keen on what you pick as the fake ID card seller. You need to differentiate between hoaxes and quality legitimate sellers of fake id cards. Your search should start with a simple google search. Avoid the listed ad-supported sites that appear on the first pages of the search engines. Instead, focus on the results that appear generically without the support of the ad in the search engine results tab.

Additionally, ensure you vet the sellers to avoid falling for sellers who may frustrate you. If the fake id card seller delivers the card in a fortnight, you could be in the wrong hands. A quality fake id card seller should take enough time to deliver the fake id card. There are a lot of security details to be cracked in the card before it goes through the scanners and the strictest id barriers. 



If you are considering getting a fake California id card, you must be careful with the sellers. Otherwise, if you land allowed quality fake id cards, they may not go through the scanners and the security check barriers. Remember that fake id cards and the use of the same forgery are considered a felony. The culprits nabbed with the fake if cards in California risk a penalty of not less than $250 and even imprisonment of up to six months in community jail. Otherwise, you may also risk a community service penalty for several days to months. The security checks in California are well-equipped. Therefore, a fake ID card with omissions in the security details may not go through the security barriers. The state of California is coveted for its happy day and nightlife. However, risking a nab with a low-quality fake id has extreme consequences. Therefore, vet the sellers of counterfeit cards to ensure you get the best quality product from the market. A quality fake id card seller would require days to do a fake id card. However, fortnight fake id card makers may not be the best. 

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