How Acupressure Really Works For Your Body

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Did you know that you do acupressure to yourself? Your mind now is creating a question: How come I do acupressure?

When we have a headache or feel some discomfort in our body, we usually put pressure in a certain place to relieve pain. With the help of our thumb, we pressed and massaged the part where it hurt. We instantly became massage therapists to ease the pain. It's so easy right, and it also helps your liver to become healthy. Why? Because you can stop taking pain relievers from now on. Anyone who wants to try acupressure but first seek the expert before having an appointment to be sure that acupressure is suitable and safe for you.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine or massage that is attached to the belief in balance, harmony, and life energy. It's believed that everything in the world has two opposite sides. When we are able to balance these two sides within our body, we will feel healthy and relaxed. But if we have an imbalanced lifestyle we easily get sick, and that's the truth. The goal of acupressure is to revitalize our health and balance the positive and negative energy in our body. Here is the list of acupressure benefits and pressure points to guide you, from relief.


Acupressure Cure Headache


Hegu applies pressure and massage in the muscles between your thumb and index finger. Repeat this procedure on the opposite hand. This process also helps the head and all the facial areas such as toothache, migraines, and sore throat. Hegu is used as well as for emergency treatment. It can be pressed if you feel dizzy, have vertigo, or if a seizure occurs and the patient needs to wake up. And since Hegu is also a good help in our face, this becomes a beauty tip to us. Because it helps improve and relieve facial skin problems.

image     image

Reflexology is like acupuncture and acupressure, it connects to points on the body to the inside. In reflexology, the tips of our fingers in our hands and feet are connected to our brain area, head, and sinus. Pressing the fingertip and toe tip helps to subside the pain. And having a headache is also a common flu symptom, as fever, and sore throat, pressing the pressure point like in the figure above helps relieve all symptoms.

We can also put pressure on the head to the part where we feel the pain, the most common part is on the temple of the head. We are always pressing both of them and instantly feel the relief. In addition to that you can press where the third eye is located, this is above in between the eyebrows. It produces melatonin which helps relieve migraines and it gives relaxation. We can also carefully press and massage the back of our head that is connected to the neck, which is called the Gallbladder 20. This is the best pressure point for migraine, it can benefit us to reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps us deal with insomnia or sleep disturbances. Putting a Headache cap is also a remedy for the incapacitating effects of headaches and migraines. These caps are made to provide the affected area with focused cold or hot therapy, which can help to reduce swelling and relieve discomfort.


Acupressure Cure Neck and Back Pain

Massage and light stretching techniques are combined during the acupressure treatment. It's a simple help with back or neck problems.

Cervicalgia is pain that is located in the neck, this causes discomfort to your spine typically close to your head. Neck discomfort is a common sign of a wide range of illnesses and accidents. We need to get treatment for neck discomfort, causing pain to our neck that might affect our everyday lives. In this way acupressure works, for neck pain the procedure is the same with headaches you can use Hegu and also press the back of the head that connects to the neck.

Back pain, we always hear from anyone that they have back pain. It's a common pain but this is also the reason why we feel tired. Muscle strain, bad posture, and even stress are common causes of back discomfort. We need help from an acupressure expert or from a reflexologist, our hands are not that long and we can see our back. In order to have an effective and relaxing massage we need their helping hands. We have peace and just lying there and we all know that they know how to handle and cure our back pain.


Foot Acupressure

The feet are the most powerful portion of our bodies because our feet carry the weight of our entire body. But you know aside from carrying our body it is just like the hand and feet are connected to a specific body organ function. That's why you can find an Acupressure Foot Massager or massage slipper, it has a designated color that tells what organ is having issues. At the same time, it puts pressure and helps to circulate the blood to our body. An example is the picture on the Acupressure Cure Headache foot figure. There are also massage tools like roller, spiky rubber balls, or simple tennis balls. Same as massage slippers, these tools allow us to put more pressure on our feet. And we can use it if we have a problem in our hand or to the part that is hard to reach.

As well-being we grow with responsibility, day by day we feel tired and exhausted. You should grab the opportunity to pamper yourself. It's okay to take a little time out from our busy and overloaded work life. We need to refresh, relax, and have a balanced lifestyle. Let's get out and try my suggestion to have acupressure or any type of massage, to release all the negative energy and reduce the stress level in our body. Make time for yourself, improve, and heal inside and out. Keep in mind that you only live once.

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