How to Boost Engagement With a Conference Mobile App?

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Meetings and conferences are increasingly popular and expected ways to engage event organizers, participants, speakers, and other involved persons with each other. From the moment attendees have registered it is important to keep them engaged, this can easily be done through a conference mobile app. These apps are specifically designed to work and function for particular or multiple events. They can be integrated into any event type and have become a suitable and prominent solution for hosting and organizing seamless events. Event mobile apps can be leveraged to drive engagement before, during, and after the event through its multiple features. Moreover, these apps can be customized according to the needs and requirements of any particular event. 

In this blog, we will take a look at how event planners can leverage a mobile conference app to boost engagement and elevate the attendee experience.

7 Practical Ways to Increase Engagement Through the Conference Mobile App

Event apps are great, they are a one-stop solution to manage an event. These apps have become so popular that they are being used by most event planners. Event engagement is a prominent aspect that is important and requires focus. It can significantly contribute to hosting seamless and successful events. Leveraging conference management apps is a great idea to boost interaction and engagement. Below are some practical ways that can help in increasing event engagement through the app.

Spread Event Information Through the App

While hosting an event, there are a lot of questions for participants, organizers, and other stakeholders. Attendees can have their doubts, or they can get confused, while organizers and staff members might need specific information about the event. A conference mobile app is a specific solution that can help them seek answers. It contains all the information about the event with automated data collection. Event apps allow you to easily manage the content in real-time with an easy-to-use interface. All the relevant information can be stored in the conference planning apps, giving attendees easy access to it. Moreover, it can easily be accessed at any time and can notify attendees instantly.

Easier Access to Registration Information

Event planning is not an easy task and requires a lot of hard work and despite that, there are chances to run into small hiccups with the logistics of the registration system for events. In this situation, your mobile conference app can easily come and save the day by acting as a centralized platform and collecting the registration information. This can be found easily in one place, making it easier to access.

Improved Navigation 

No one loves to break a sweat while running into the wrong session or conference room. Attendees can get confused navigating through the venue and multiple sessions in it. A conference mobile app can be easily equipped with a map that is incredibly beneficial for them. It can be used to familiarize them with the event space, making it easier for them to navigate and attend a particular session or visit a specific exhibitor.

Agenda Management

Maps will guide the attendees to seamlessly navigate the event while a detailed agenda on the event mobile apps will help them understand what is going on and what to expect. Giving attendees easy access to the event agenda prior through the app can help boost engagement and attract more attendees. You can create a buzz through social media by offering rewards to the audience for using the app. Moreover, you can allow attendees to modify their agenda and help them stay organized, informed, and on schedule to engage and participate in the event elements. A conference mobile app can help personalize and improve the attendee experience. 

Easier Networking Through the App

There can be unexpected situations that can occur while hosting and organizing conferences. The attendees who have registered might or might not attend the event, but the app can have all the information stored about the registered attendees. Giving them a chance to know each other and connect is a great way to engage them with the event. Conference management apps can allow attendees to create personalized profiles. This allows them to easily access each other’s profiles and engage with each other to find attendees with similar interests, this boosts networking opportunities.

Partner up for Promotions and Sponsor Information

While hosting a conference, there are chances for you to partner up or collaborate with sponsors. A conference mobile app can easily be integrated with their information, and they are great for engaging attendees. Showing sponsor information in the app adds value to and boosts interaction for the attendees. Attendees can easily access their information and interact with their preferred sponsors to gather information or make purchases. Sponsorships also attract a lot of attention and give an enhanced reach to their network. This is a great way to boost engagement through the app.

Monitor Social Media Feeds and Live Stream

Event mobile apps for conferences can easily be integrated with social media platforms and can be used to function as a platform. Since social media attracts a lot of audiences, integrating the app with these platforms also works in the same way. Attendees can upload their photos, videos, or other content through the app directly over their social IDs. Moreover, a conference mobile app can also be used to live stream and engage the attendees with direct interactions. You can organize small speaker sessions on the app, or you can host quizzes, polls, or Q&A sessions. These are some great ways that can help boost engagement and interactions through the app. 


Leveraging a conference mobile app is a great way to boost engagement and interactions. These apps are a great way to boost attendee engagement before, during, and after the event. But to leverage an app during a conference, you need to strategize and focus on engaging attendees. Since the app can work well to keep them interacting throughout the event, including proper strategies that can boost engagement is necessary. Above-mentioned are some great ways that can work effectively to boost attendee engagement.

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