How to Set Up a Community WhatsApp Group

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WhatsApp Communities is one of the most significant feature updates to the Meta-owned app in a long time. The new organizational feature simplifies the management of multiple work-related or casual groups while also allowing administrators to more efficiently coordinate between members.

WhatsApp Communities, which is now available to all users, appears as a separate tab on the main WhatsApp screen, replacing the camera tab, which has been relocated to the top bar, to the left of the search button.


How to create a Community

To start a WhatsApp community, go to the Community tab and then tap the 'Start your community' button. Enter a name and description for your community, as well as a profile picture. After that, you'll be in the Community window.

You can now create new groups or add existing ones here, with a dedicated button for each. If you are adding existing groups, you must also be an administrator of those groups. You will see one group by default in the list of groups below. The Announcement Group is here.

When you're finished, tap the tick mark on the bottom right. Your Community is now ready. When you add existing or new groups to a Community, all members of that Community are also added to the Announcement group.


How to use Communities for Admins

Announcements: As an administrator of a Community, users will be able to send messages to all of the community's individual groups as well as the Announcement Group. Any text sent to the announcement group will be broadcasted to all of the Community's groups, and thus to all members. The same also goes for media files from your device, documents, and voice notes.


Inviting members: As an administrator, you can also share a link to the Community to invite others to join. These users can then follow the link to become members of the Community, but they will not be able to join individual groups until you or another admin of the Community or group manually accepts them.


Removing members: Did someone leave their job? You can now unsubscribe them from groups by simply unsubscribing from the Community. To do so, navigate to the Community's main page, tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner, and select View Members. Then you'll see a list of all members from all groups in one place. Tap on a contact to remove them from the Community and all groups that are part of it.


Adding more administrators: As the administrator of the Community, you can appoint additional administrators to make announcements or carry out other tasks when you are not present. To do so, go to the main Community page and select View Members from the three-dot menu. Tap on any member to reveal the 'Make Admin' option in the options that appear.

Also, all group members of one group will be able to see other groups in the Community, but will only see limited information for groups in which they are not a member.

How to use Communities for other members

All members of a Community have access to the Announcement Group, where they can view files, media, and text message announcements intended for all members from central admins.


Joining a group: If a member is a member of a Community but not a member of any of its groups (as may be the case if you have just been invited to a new Community), they can browse the Community's various groups and ask to join the relevant groups. After opening the Community window, users can request to join one of the groups listed in the Community.

A member who is already a member of a group can always request to be added to additional groups within the same Community by using the same method.


Leaving a group or community: As a member of a community, you can leave as many groups as you want while also joining new ones. To leave one or more groups within a community, open the group details window and look for the leave button at the bottom of the page, just like you would in a regular WhatsApp group.

Leaving groups without leaving the community: You can also exit the Community in a single step to leave the larger Community group, the Announcement channel, and all sub-groups. Alternatively, if you only want to leave a group but remain a member of the Community and its Announcement channel, you can do so by leaving each group separately but not the Community. You will not be in any groups this way, but you will still be a member of the Community and have access to the Announcement channel.

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