The best tool for marketing a travel agency in 2022

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In the digital space, there continues to be a constant rise in Marketing as it steadily cuts across several industries, that is including Travel and Tourism. In 2022, digital Marketing and tourism are two inseparable concepts. 

People do not often wake up in the morning and just travel somewhere without looking it up or at least browsing for potential places. Where do they hunt for all the information they will need for and on the trip, Where do they search for bookings? Online!

As a travel agency, this is where you come in, that is your market, your audience and you have to explore as much as you can using up-to-date technologies. Seems like too much to unbundle right? This article takes you on a journey through the concept of digital marketing in tourism, how to become a travel agent and market your travel agency to produce maximum results. Let us dig in already!

What is tourism digital marketing?
Digital Marketing involves using electronic media such as audio recordings, digital videos, online content and so on to promote or advertise services and products in a bid to make conversions and gain patronage. With Digital Marketing, you present your services most appealingly with one goal in mind- to sell. 

When Tourism is introduced to the phrase, the goal or approach does not change, if anything, it only defines the product and service you are selling, which in this case is tourism. Simple right? So, in Tourism Digital Marketing you get to create content that will promote and advertise destinations to prospects, build customers engagement, and drive sales.

How do I become a digital marketing travel agent?
There may be a ton of travel agents/agencies out there but there is something unique you have to offer. There is an approach, a perspective that only you can introduce, you just have to find what it is and you are good to go. No one said it will be easy but there are basic requirements you need to have to launch as a digital marketing travel agent. 

1. Study and understand your niche
2. Plan a brand/marketing strategy
3. Build relationships in your industry
4. Find your unique selling point
5. Get insights and accurate facts on destinations
6. Understand customer behaviour.

How do you market a travel agency?
Marketing a travel agency can be so tasking, but the journey is rewarding and well worth it if you put in the work. By work, I mean the planning, strategizing, execution and follow-up. Over the years, I have discovered one fail-proof strategy that works for every kind of marketing, including travel agencies. Two words - Aggressive Advertising. Put simple, showing up consistently, putting your products and services out there like it is no man's business. It doesn't matter how tough it will be, advertise aggressively.

Tips to advertise effectively
Below are a few tips to advertise aggressively and efficiently
1. Optimize your website and make it look professional. Your website is the face of your business, treat it like you would your physical office because that is the only connection between you and your customer.
2. Study the trends in the digital space and carefully use analytic tools to understand customer behaviour. This will help you understand how, where, and when to direct your marketing content.
3. Go big on social media advertising. With the availability of software for social media management and content planners, there is the luxury of working ahead of time to ensure consistency. Your content must be versatile and appeal to your prospects.
4. Create Value- You may not always use direct advertising, seek to answer your audience most pressing questions and ultimately give value.

The following marketing tools with help you effectively advertise your agency as well as retain customers
1. Canva - With Canva you get to create great content such as graphic designs, flyers, posters, infographics, videos and illustrations.
2. Hoot suite -This tool effectively helps you manage content across all your social media platforms.
3. MailChimp- Email marketing has never been out of vogue. With MailChimp you get to organize and distribute mails
4. Google Analytics -To understand customer behaviour and track leads and prospects this is your go-to. 

The best part about these tools is that they are all free! With digital marketing, you get to work for yourself but not by yourself. These tools give great output at little or no cost. Marketing a travel agency is a great deal no doubt, but you can take a bit of the stress off when you have just the right tool.
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