Top Reasons Why Good Office Design Matters

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There are plenty of different factors that can impact how well a business performs. While office design may not be the number one element that you had in mind, there is no doubt that the effect that it has can be significant. This is true whether you are planning on building an office from scratch, you want to redesign a building and convert it into an office, or you are simply moving things around in your current layout.

To begin with, let’s look at some of your top options for creating an office space, and after that, this blog post will get into the importance of good office design.


Deciding Whether to Build or Redesign

There are plenty of plus points for building your own office. Of course, you are going to need to make sure that you have both the space and the budget to ensure that it all goes off without a hitch. So, you will certainly need to enlist the support of the right building consulting services who are going to be able to turn your dream into a reality. While it is going to give you total control, you are also going to need to have the time and money to spend on such a significant project. So, you need to be fully confident in your business and what it is able to provide, as well as make sure that your finances are in a stable enough position.

If you decide to redesign an existing office or even convert a space into one, this is the altogether easier route to take. Of course, you are going to be limited by the existing design, and you will not have total control over the project. On the other hand, you may still be able to put your stamp on the place as you like, so it could all be worthwhile at the end of the day. Ultimately, it is worth weighing up the pros and cons of both approaches before you eventually make up your mind.


Reasons to Design an Office Well

Now, once you have settled on a space to create your perfect office, here are some of the main reasons why you need to take your time to do it well rather than simply rushing the project and risking messing it up in one way or another.


Keep Your Costs Low

First of all, you can design your office in a sustainable way to ensure that your costs are kept down as low as possible. You need to work out the number of people that you expect to have in the building on a regular basis, as well as any fluctuations to take into account based on people working from home or remotely. At the same time, it is also worth doing more in terms of any expansion or growth plans that you have. This way, you are not going to be wasting any space just for the sake of it.

You should also look at your energy costs and create an office that makes the most of its light and heat to ensure you are not overspending in this department. Ultimately, if you get these elements right at the start, you are not going to have to go back and keep on making changes over time.


Create a More Productive Working Environment

One of the obvious benefits that better office design can bring is ensuring that you are creating the most productive working environment possible. You should think about how you have made a space where people can interact well. This is not only important from the point of view of where people will actually be sitting, but you also need to consider how well they are going to be able to interact with one another based on any meeting rooms or breakout spaces that you are going to introduce. Ultimately, you should also think about creating a space that is multipurpose. In this way, if it is not being used for one aspect, you always have the option of using it for another purpose.


Improve Employee Health and Well-Being

There are more and more people who are quite rightly concerned about their own health and well-being within a working environment. There is no doubt that the design of an office can have a big impact here. For example, have you thought about getting in all of the ergonomic desks and chairs that allow people to be comfortable while they are working? You may also need to consider how well people are going to be able to relax based on the spaces that you have provided within the office. If you are designing the place from scratch, this is going to give you plenty more scope and a lot more options in terms of being able to encourage more natural light into the space and create a natural sense of health and well-being through something that is freely and readily available.

The improvement in employee health and well-being is not only important from their point of view, but it can also help to boost the bottom line of your business. First of all, you can expect that there will be fewer days lost in terms of sickness and absenteeism. Also, people who work at their very best are a great deal more likely to work harder for their company.


Make the Most of Available Space

Whether you are renting or owning an office, there is no point in having wasted space that you are simply not maximizing. However, this is going to be the case unless you have a clear office design plan. It is always a good idea to get in some interior designers to help you make the most of what you have available. At the same time, you should also do more to ensure that you have the input and ideas of your current staff members, as they may well be able to provide you with some useful insights that you carry along with you and utilize as and when possible.


Improve Employee Morale and Staff Satisfaction

The most talented staff members out there are not only looking at how much of a salary they are making from their current place of work – they are also looking at how happy and satisfied they are going to be at this company. A well-designed office alone is not going to have all the answers, but it can certainly have an impact on both employee morale and staff satisfaction levels. Ultimately, you need to be ready to boost both of these elements, but if you already have a place that people are happy to go to on a regular basis, this can make all the difference to begin with.


Create a Better First Impression for Clients and Customers

If you have clients and customers coming through the doors of your office on a regular basis, you certainly need to make sure that they are walking away with the best impression possible of your business. There is no doubt that the office is going to make a big difference here. Not only is it all about the facilities that you have on offer, but you should also think about the design of the space at the same time. Ultimately, you need to ensure that people are walking away wanting to come back again. It can certainly help to set you off on the right footing with any pitches or big meetings that you need to action.


Create a More Collaborative Environment

While it was once a place where people would come every day to do their own work, the rapid rise of remote working means that the office needs to be a place where moments that matter happen. This means the actual magic that comes from face-to-face interaction. If your office is all closed off, it is going to be a lot less likely that this will happen successfully. However, if you do more to create a collaborative setting and encourage people to get talking to one another, there is no doubt that good office design can well and truly make all the difference.

Whether you are looking to build up an office from scratch or you are creating a new space from what you have already, you certainly don’t want to scrimp on the thought that you are putting into it all. Ultimately, this can seriously help out when it comes to creating an office that works like an extra member of staff. First of all, it can act as an important part of your HR arsenal, ensuring that staff members are kept happy. Not only this, but it can also be like a health professional, making sure that well-being is promoted within your company’s four walls. At the same time, it is also an excellent receptionist, welcoming clients and customers and also encouraging and allowing them to come back for repeat business time and time again.

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