What Is Gamefi And How Does It Works

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Imagine a world where playing video games can earn you money. Not fake money used in games, but real money that pays bills and keeps food on the table. Also, imagine if all of a game's assets, such as characters, outfits, and weapons, could be purchased and sold in the real world.   

In a nutshell, this is the promise of GameFi, one of Web3's hottest industries. Additionally, it is a fact that some of the most active players in the space assert is not too far off.


GameFi: What is it?

The words "game" and "finance" are combined to create the term "GameFi." Play-to-earn (P2E) video games are the model of games that make use of blockchain technology. These games can provide players with financial incentives in the form of digital assets.

The number of P2E models that promise to make money from video games has recently increased dramatically. If you enjoy playing video games, you should probably keep an eye on this sector and on free pokies nz.


How are GameFi Projects Operational?

There are usually a few things that all GameFi projects have in common. NFTs, or non-fungible digital tokens, are used to represent in-game items like avatars, land, costumes, weapons, gold, tokens, and pets. These digital objects can be used to prove ownership. These items are gained by playing the game. Players can sell them on NFT marketplaces for money or trade them for cryptocurrencies, which can be exchanged for real money.


Play-to-earn model (P2E) 

GameFi projects employ a play-to-earn (P2E) model in contrast to pay-to-play video games. Players must initially invest money in pay-to-play games like Call of Duty before playing. Players can earn rewards while playing P2E, making the experience more rewarding and enjoyable.


Play games with NFTs

Like in Axie Endlessness, one more typical subject in P2E games is the utilization of NFTs. In order to participate in these games, you typically need to own a specific NFT. In the game, these NFTs are frequently portrayed by your avatar.

In the upcoming metaverse, you might one day use your NFT avatar to take part in video game tournaments!


The future of GameFi 

The volume of GameFi projects exploded in 2021, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue. As of March 2022, DappRadar had over 1,400 blockchain games listed. Additionally, popular games are now accessible on a number of blockchains, including BNB Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Ethereum, Harmony, Solana, and many others.

The GameFi expanding pattern is anticipated to proceed quickly as blockchain innovation propels. Additionally, GameFi's ability to own in-game items and make money from them makes it extremely popular, especially in developing nations.



The GameFi concept is unquestionably superior to other online games. The play-to-procure instrument is eventually the identification to more extensive crypto reception as blockchain and NFT games clue of what lies ahead. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that this rapid trend does not appear to be slowing down. GameFi and NFTs will soon become a DeFi rallying point at this rate. The prospects for this emerging industry are endless, thanks to an increase in capital and a growing public interest.

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