Beyond the Screen: Exploring the World's Most Famous and Followed Gaming Tournaments

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We should consider ourselves fortunate enough to live in such an unprecedented period in gaming history. Now more than ever, we are accorded the chance to have a first-hand seat and the opportunity to participate in or watch the biggest gaming tournaments.

The internet has leveled this field, making it more engaging and entertaining. Let's dive into the most popular gaming tournaments featuring adrenaline-rushed entertainment to grand cash prizes.

3 Biggest Gaming Tournaments in World Series

In the gaming scene, we have numerous tournaments, each with a unique fanbase. The following, however, cut across as the largest and most popular tournaments in the World Series edition.

World Series of Poker

Now for all of you who don't have an affinity to participate in online games and rather fancy physical action, the World Series of Poker is crafted for you. Held in the city of lights, Vegas, this sweet gaming action has continued to scale since its foundation in 1970.

The tournament accommodates professional poker players, amateurs, and enthusiasts worldwide, who all showcase their prowess with one aim. Winning the coveted WSOP gold bracelet, which is awarded to the winners of individual tournaments, has to be the biggest feat in this event.

Similarly, the WSOP offers a diverse schedule of tournaments with various buy-ins and formats. You can find more about the World Series of Poker schedule on Legal US Poker. The series also includes satellite tournaments, where players can win seats into higher buy-in events by winning smaller qualifying tournaments or through online poker platforms.

World Series of Board Games

WSBG is a world-class event to enhance competition for board gamers and opponents. Categorized into side and ring events, this tournament is thrilling and strategic-oriented. To participate, you have to be 21 years old and above.

The WSB encourages players to employ their strategic skills by participating in regional and international board gaming conventions. Through playing, you will learn from the best in the game. The tournament is constructed in such a way that all the side events are accessible by guest gamers, and only the competitors can participate in the ring event.

World Series of Slots

Slot tournaments are drafted in a way that leaves you wanting more. Designed so players compete against each other, the tournament offers handsome reward prizes. Winners are determined by accumulating the largest score when all the rounds are summed up.

The WSS is categorized into different structures outlined below:
●       Three rounds of play, and in this case, the score deemed lowest is dropped.
●       The second includes a section having the best three rounds out of four sets.
●       Twin tournaments give players two tournaments in one weekend, granting them two opportunities to win.

The symbol prize for qualifying in each series tournament is a Medallion. These medallions are rewarded upon completion of the whole tournament.


Gaming is constantly undergoing a revolution. The founding of tournaments where people can compete and display their level of prowess in a particular game only heightens the thrill. From interactions during physical presence to communicating with strangers online, these tournaments have a heavy footing in our social surroundings and can only improve from here.

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